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    How to recover data from a broken cell phone

    Do you want to recover data from a broken mobile phone? Here are some useful tips to restore files from damaged smartphone

    How to recover data from a broken cell phone

    Il cellular it is now used for many operations. Not only for calling and texting, but also for surfing, taking photos and reading documents. There are many important files on the smartphone, which can be lost for various reasons. For example, there may be damage to the smartphone, a sudden failure or a breakage due to a fall.

    In any case, the priority is to recover the data from the broken phone, hoping to be able to save most of the files. The first thing to do is to prevent any damage. It is critically important to create a backup of your data before it is too late. The simplest method you can use for make a data backup on Android or Windows Mobile, is to connect the smartphone to the PC and make a copy of the files, to be stored safely on an external hard drive.

    If you have an iPhone you can do the iOS backup using iTunes. In both cases you can save all the songs, documents, images, videos and contacts on the device. This way, if your smartphone breaks, you can easily retrieve the information.

    Unfortunately, the backup operation, which may seem obvious, is not performed very often by people. This means that if the mobile phone gets damaged, there is often a serious risk of losing the data stored inside it.

    How to recover data from a broken cell phone

    One of the most frequent accidents that causes smartphone damage is falling, which often causes breaking the screen. When you cannot see the information on the display, you can recover files by connecting the device to the PC and transferring the data to the computer.

    If your smartphone has a memory card, such as a microSD, this is also possible extract the memory, insert it into a USB memory reader and connect it to your computer to retrieve some of the data. Obviously, the files in the internal memory of the mobile phone can only be recovered by connecting the smartphone to the PC.

    If the mobile does not turn on, in order to recover the data inside it is possible to resort to the extraction of the memory chip, recovering the files. This kind of operation can be performed by a data recovery company such as, which has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to read memory chips and restore documents with advanced software.

    Retrieving data from broken cell phones: conclusions

    If your smartphone has suffered major damage and you need to recover files, you can contact us for advice. We have the most cutting-edge technologies in the data recovery industry, for take out the memory chip and save your data.

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