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    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    Good morning WhatsApp funny

    You are trying to understand how to say good morning on WhatsApp so funny, with nice pictures? Then turn to the solutions listed below, which for sure will not disappoint you.

    Google Images

    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    Google Images, that is the section dedicated to the images of the well-known search engine, offers numerous possibilities to those looking for funny images to use to say good morning on WhatsApp.

    To search for images suitable for this purpose, connect to the main page of Google Images from your favorite device (PC, smartphone or tablet) and, in the search engine that is shown to you, type the terms "Good morning WhatsApp funny", then press the button Submit, so you can see the search results.

    Once this is done, you can filter the results obtained through some keywords, such as those that are shown to you in the top menu: in this way you will be able to specific thematic images. For example, by pressing on the label GIF you will be shown all the animated images that you can use to say good morning on WhatsApp. Alternatively, the label Phrases will allow you to view images containing written phrases to use to say good morning.

    When you have found the image you are interested in downloading, click on it to view it. After that, to download it from PC right click on it and select the item Save image as (or something similar) from the menu that is proposed to you and choose the destination name and folder. From smartphone o tabletsinstead, hold down on the image and then press on the item Download image (or similar) that appears on the screen, in order to save it in the Gallery of your device.

    If you have any doubts or problems about what to do, read my article where I tell you how to search for images on Google.


    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    One of the most famous image search platforms is undoubtedly Pinterest, a social network that can be used to search and collect all sorts of images on virtual message boards, including good morning images to use on WhatsApp.

    To use this service you need to register, a procedure that can be completed quickly and easily from PC, by connecting to the official Pinterest site, by pressing the button Sign Up and filling out the on-screen form with email address, Password ed age. Alternatively, you can register via Facebook o Googleby pressing on the respective buttons.

    If you don't have a PC at hand, know that you can take advantage of Pinterest also from smartphones and tablets, by downloading the appropriate app for Android (from the Play Store or from alternative stores or iPhone / iPad. Also through the latter it is possible to register free of charge to the service and make unlimited use of its vast database of images, which can be saved in your own virtual message boards.

    After registering a Pinterest, then access the main screen of the service from a PC or app, press the icon magnifying glass, type the terms "Good morning WhatsApp funny" (or something similar) and hit the button Submit, so you can see all the search results.

    Once you have identified an image of your interest, you can easily download it to your device by pressing on it, then on the icon (...) located at the top right and then on the button Download image. The image will be downloaded to your computer, in the folder you indicate, or in the Gallery of your smartphone / tablet, depending on the device you are using.

    Alternatively, via the button Save, you can add the selected image to a virtual board of Pinterest, so you can find it at any time. To learn more about how Pinterest works, read my guide dedicated to this social network.

    Other sites of images and phrases for WhatsApp

    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    Would you like some more advice on which websites to use to find pictures and phrases to send to your contacts to say good morning to them on WhatsApp? In that case you will surely find useful the websites I am about to tell you about in the following lines. That you are looking for a way to to say good morning to a girl on WhatsApp, The one ragazzo, to yours nephews or to people with whom you are less familiar, you will surely be able to find something suitable for you.

    • is a site to which you can refer to search for greeting images. It comes with a very simple user interface that divides images into categories related to good morning wishes, but also for other occasions such as birthdays or major holidays.
    • is another website specialized in the collection of images for good morning that contains many images to download. It can be used from PCs, but also from smartphones and tablets.
    • Aphoristically: it is a famous website dedicated to phrases and aphorisms that contains many images and phrases that can be used to send greetings to your WhatsApp contacts. The section I recommend you visit is the one called Good morning which includes numerous phrases and aphorisms dedicated to those who like to wish a good day to their loved ones.

    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    Once you have collected the images to send on WhatsApp, let's move on to the practical side of the matter and see how to share them with friends and family.

    In chats

    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    To wish good morning on WhatsApp via the chat of WhatsApp, all you have to do is start the famous messaging app on your smartphone or PC, in order to see the screen dedicated to the list of conversations. Up PC, remember that to access Web WhatsApp or WhatsApp client for Windows and macOS you need to scan the QR code and, in some cases, also the verification of one's identity through a biometric authentication method, such as face or fingerprint recognition.

    At this point, through the section Chat, identify the user or group of your interest (make sure you have previously added it to your contacts via the tool New contact) and tap on his name, to open the dedicated chat screen. Then press on testo field and write the text of the message you want to send. To share an image, instead, click on the icon of clip and then on the button with the icon multimedia gallery, in order to select the previously downloaded image.

    Finally, when you are ready to send the message, click on theairplane icon. In case of doubts or problems, read the instructions contained in my tutorial where I talk to you about how to chat on WhatsApp.

    In the state

    How to say good morning on WhatsApp

    If you want to say good morning on WhatsApp to all your contacts at the same time you can publish a status by acting through the app WhatsApp to Android e iPhone.

    To do this, after starting the WhatsApp app, press the menu item State, then on the icon camera and select, through the Gallery of your device, the previously downloaded image you want to use (you may have to consent to the access to the photos by the app).

    Now, to publish the image and make it visible to all your contacts, or to those you have selected through the state privacy settings, click onairplane icon.

    Alternatively, you can dial one Textual state using the icon of the pencil and typing the text to share in the appropriate field on the screen. Through the icons of the T and palette you can change the writing font and background color.

    In case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial in which I will explain in more detail how to make the statuses on WhatsApp.

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