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    How to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

    Preliminary information

    How to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

    Before we pretty much see what it needs to do for search for people on Facebook without being subscribed, you must necessarily learn a few preliminary information which are essential to understand the procedures described in the next lines.

    First of all, I would like to make a necessary clarification: Facebook does not offer a "standard" function that allows people not registered to the social network to search and identify profiles belonging to other users. Until recently, the platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg integrated a function that could be exploited for this purpose, but from the tests I was able to perform to complete the drafting of this guide, it does not seem to be working anymore and, for this reason, I don't tell you about it.

    As I have already anticipated in the introduction of this guide, it is however possible to achieve this goal using third-party tools. Basically, these are free online services that integrate search engines capable of identifying public information that users registered with Facebook have decided to share on their profiles. By "intercepting" this information, the services in question make it possible to trace the profiles to which they belong with a certain ease.

    Since this is information that users have voluntarily decided to make public, you can rest assured: it is 100% legal tools. The only "catch", if we can define it that way, concerns the fact that they are not always functional. Let me explain: if a user has decided to hide their profile or to make some information associated with it private, it is likely that you will not be able to identify them through the services in question.

    Is everything clear to you so far? Yup? Well, then I would say that we can finally proceed and see in detail the use of some useful tools that allow (where possible) to find other people's Facebook profiles!

    Search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

    As I already told you at the opening of the post, there are various useful tools for search for people on Facebook without being subscribed, such as PeekYou and Google. Let me tell you about this in detail in the next few lines.


    How to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed
    A very useful online service to search for people on Facebook (and not only) without being subscribed to the latter is PeekYou. If you have never heard of it, know that it is an online service that analyzes public data from over 60 platforms, including Facebook, identifying links to the social profiles of the user searched for.

    To use it, connected on the main page of PeekYou, select the tab Name which is located in the center of the page and write the name and surname of the person you are interested in, respectively, in the text fields First Name Last Name. Unless you are looking for a link to a US resident's Facebook profile, don't consider the menu Rental which, at the moment, allows only American states to be selected. Then start the search by clicking on magnifying glass.

    On the page that opens, click on the Facebook link located at the top, immediately after the wording for [name and surname of the searched user] and locate i link to the profile of your interest in the section Facebook. After identifying the link to the profile you are looking for (perhaps with the help of the photos available), click on it. If a link leads to the Facebook account of a user of the same name, try clicking on other links (if available).


    How to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

    To search for a person on Facebook you can also rely on the most famous search engine in the world: Google. You didn't expect that, did you? It may seem like an extremely trivial thing, but Google can actually be a great ally to find the information you are looking for.

    To use it, connected to the main page of the famous search engine and enter the testo field present in the center of the page the name of the person to search for, followed by the word "Facebook". Just to give you an example, you can view my Facebook profile even without being a member of Mark Zuckerberg's social network: just search "Configurehow facebook" and then press Submit on your computer keyboard or button Search with Google visible on the screen, if you are operating mobile.

    On the next screen, you will find all the search results that refer to the person you searched for. You will then be able to view all the information on the Internet relating to that particular person and possibly check their presence on the famous social network.

    For more information on how to search on Google and how Google search works, do not hesitate to read the tutorials I have dedicated to the topic.

    Other useful resources to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

    How to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

    If the solutions I suggested in the previous lines did not satisfy you, consider the possibility of using these other tools.

    • Pipl - is a very famous tool that works in a similar way to PeekYou and that allows you to easily find public information of other users, including any Facebook profile created by the latter. Pipl is paid: the subscription starts at $ 99 / month.
    • Spokeo - is an online service that allows you to find public information that users have left on social networks, analyzing data from over 120 platforms, obviously including Facebook. To trace the link of the Facebook profile associated with a person, however, you need to subscribe to the Premium plan of the service, which starts at $ 7,95 / month.
    • TinEye - it is an online tool that allows you to perform the reverse search by images. In practice, it allows you to upload the image of a person, identify any similar images present online concerning the latter and check for the presence of Facebook profiles related to the person portrayed in the photos. Very useful, don't you think?
    How to search for people on Facebook without being subscribed

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