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    How to search for people on Facebook without signing up

    Preliminary information

    Before we delve into the heart of this tutorial and see how to search for people on Facebook without signing up, my golden seed fornirti alcune preliminary information that you cannot fail to know in order to complete this "enterprise".

    First of all, know that Facebook does not allow you to search for users registered to it if you do not create an account in turn: once it was possible to do this through the "People" function of the social network, but now this possibility is no longer offered.

    In light of this, if you want to try to identify a person's Facebook profile without signing up to the social network, you must necessarily resort to external services. Clearly, to trace a person's profile, it is assumed that this has not decided to privatize their profile (as I have shown you in this other guide), otherwise it could be "invisible" to the tools I am about to tell you about. If everything is clear to you so far, I would say we can start!

    Search for people on Facebook without signing up

    Let's see, therefore, how it is possible search for other people on Facebook without being subscribed to the social network, using online services that are free and easy to use for this purpose.


    A first solution that I invite you to try is PeekYou, an online tool that analyzes public data from over 60 sites and platforms, including Facebook, by identifying links to the social profiles of the user being "investigated".

    To use PeekYou, go to its home page, select the tab Name which is located in the center of the page and write the name and surname of the person of your interest in the text fields First Name e Last Name.

    Via the drop-down menu Rental, you can then filter the search results based on the geographical area of ​​the person you are looking for but, since at the moment it is possible to select only American states, it will hardly be useful.

    After defining the search parameters, click on magnifying glass. to continue. On the page that opens, click the link Facebook which appears to be placed at the top of the page, immediately after the wording for [name and surname of the searched user], and locate the link to the profile of your interest, among those listed in the section Facebook.

    Since there may be more profiles available attributable to the name and surname you indicated during the search phase (due to possible cases of homonymy), look for the link of the person you are actually looking for, perhaps identifying their profile photo, if available.


    I know, it will probably seem trivial to you, but keep in mind that too Google it can be another great tool to search for people on Facebook without first creating an account on it. How? I'll explain it to you right away.

    To begin with, connected to the main page of the "Big G" search engine via the link I just provided you and enter the name of the person whose profile you are interested in viewing the profile on the social network in the field in the center of the screen displayed. Mark Zuckerberg, followed by the word Facebook (Eg. configurehow facebook). Then, press the button Submit attached to your computer keyboard or on the button Search with Google visible on the screen.

    At this point, you should see a whole series of search results referring to the name in question and the related profiles available on Facebook. Then click on the search result that you think might be more relevant to your needs, to get more details.

    If you want some more clarification on how to search on Google and how Google search works, you already know what to do: take a look at the insights I have just linked to you.


    If you want, you can also try to search for people on Facebook using TinEye: this is an online service that allows you to find images similar to those uploaded to it. Therefore, if you have a photo of the person you intend to find on the social network, you can upload it to the service and, if also present on the Facebook profile of the person concerned, you may be able to find the link to his account. Interesting, right?

    To use it, first of all connect to the main page of TinEye via the link I have just indicated. Once this is done, press onarrow icon located next to the search bar and select the image you want to use for the search.

    Wait, therefore, a few moments for the upload to be completed and, once uploaded, you will be shown all the Web pages that contain images similar to the one you uploaded. With a little luck, as I have already told you, among the results you could also find one or more links that refer to the Facebook profile of the person of interest.

    You can also find photos similar to images already online. To do this, paste the link of the image on the Net in the field Upload or enter image URL and click on the icon magnifying glass which is on the right. Easier than that?

    Other useful resources

    I conclude this guide by listing you other useful resources to search for the Facebook profile belonging to a person of your interest, even if you have not yet registered to the famous social network.

    • Pipl - you may have heard of this online service before, as it is very popular. Its operation is similar to that of the aforementioned PeekYou, as it allows you to easily find public information that other users have put online, including the link to their Facebook profile. It used to be free but, at the time of writing, it has become paid: the subscription starts at $ 99 / month.
    • Spokeo - is another semi-free tool whose operation does not differ much from that of the service mentioned above. It allows, in fact, to identify the public information that other users have uploaded to Facebook and other similar platforms. While allowing you to search for free, to obtain the link of the Facebook profile associated with a person, a subscription is required for the Premium subscription, which starts at $ 7,95 / month.
    How to search for people on Facebook without signing up

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