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    How to search for shipping Poste

    Web service to search for postage

    Do you want to search for Poste delivery and have your computer and browser at your fingertips? Very well, then you can use the online service made available directly by the city post offices through which it is possible to track shipments.

    The service supports parcels, registered, insured, legal documents and services such as Posta1 and Postapriority. Parcel tracking is active 7 days a week and 7 hours a day, and that of correspondence products is from 24 to 24 every day.

    To use it, connect to the appropriate section of the City post office website using the link I have provided you just now, enter the tracking code in the field Search for shipments and presses the button Submit on your computer keyboard or click on the button in the shape of magnifying glass located on the right side of the displayed screen.

    Once the search is complete, expanding the section Your shipments and then that Shipping details, you will be able to view all the steps carried out by your shipment and the current status of the latter. For example, if the shipment turns out Taking charge it means it is being worked on, if it turns out In transit it means that the transfer from one Operations Center to another is in progress, while if it appears Delivering it means that it has arrived at the delivery facility and will soon reach its destination. To find out the exact meaning of each delivery status, expand the section Shipping status legend.

    By clicking on the icons instead @ and ⬇ which are next to the item Shipping details you can send the shipment history via email or download it to your computer as a PDF file.

    Do you need to track more than one shipment at the same time? Then click on the field Add shipping at the top, enter the other tracking codes in your possession (one at a time) and then press the button Submit on your computer keyboard or click the button in the shape of magnifying glass which is on the right.

    Applications to search for shipping Poste

    Post Office (iOS / Android)

    You don't have a computer at hand and would you like to find out if there is a system to search for postage from mobile? Of course you do, don't worry! To do this, just go to the app Post office.

    As you can easily guess from the name itself, this is the official app of City post office that allows you to track shipments, find post offices throughout the city, pay bills, send telegrams, registered letters and much more. It is totally free and is available for iOS and Android.

    To search for post office delivery with Post Office, all you have to do is open the application, press the icon Search for shipments, tap the button New research, type the code of the shipment to search for in the appropriate text field and press the button Proceed. Alternatively, you can press the button Read camera code and search for a shipment by scanning a barcode with the smartphone camera.

    Other apps

    Did the Post Office application not meet your needs? Are you looking for additional apps through which you can search for Poste delivery? Then try to take a look at the ones listed below.

    These are very valid alternative apps, extremely simple to use and usable for free (except for some functions). Read on for more infractions.

    • If you are using Android you can contact Deliveries Package Tracker which is one of the best apps for tracking packages and other types of shipping around. It supports all major cittàn and international couriers (including the city post office) and is extremely easy to use. It is free but to enable tracking of Amazon and eBay shipments you need to purchase a one-time license of 5,99 euros, 2,49 euros per year or 60 cents per month.
    • If you use iOS you can contact Parcel. It's free, it supports not only City post office but also SDA, BRT, TNT and other important national and international couriers. It should be noted that some functions, such as the tracking of more than two shipments at the same time and browser access to information on shipments, are only available with the purchase of the full version of the app at 2,99 euros.

    Other solutions

    Have accounts on Telegram? Then I'll reveal to you a small but precious trick, if we want to define it that way. Starting to follow the bot TrackBot and by giving him the tracking code of your package, you can receive information on the status of the shipment directly on Telegram.

    In this way you can search for Poste delivery from your computer, smartphone, tablet and any other device without having to install special applications, with the exception of Telegram, of course. The only downside is that, from time to time, the bot also publishes advertisements that allow it to stay active, but otherwise I'd say it's super convenient and works well.

    So, to search for Poste shipment with Telegram, visit the bot TrackBot, pigia sul pulsating starts and type the command /trace on the chat screen. Then enter the tracking code of the shipment to be tracked, select the correct name of the courier (City post office) from the menu that opens and confirms to the bot that you want track the shipment.

    Done! Starting from this moment, the Telegram bot will monitor the status of your shipments and, when there are news, it will let you know with messages. Great, don't you think?

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