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    How to see hidden friends on Facebook

      How to see hidden friends on Facebook It is curious how any attempt by Facebook to create some privacy for users is regularly thwarted by some crafty developer.
      We have seen, for example, how easy it is to know where friends have written to us using Facebook Messenger and also how it is possible to see even the hidden photos of those who are not our friends.
      In this case, let's see how we can see anyone's friends list, even if it had been hidden with the settings made available by Facebook.
      This is only possible with one condition, that between me and that person there is at least one friend in common.

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      NOTE: Viewing the friends list of a person who has hidden it is no longer possible. The only thing you can do is go to the page to add new friends and see the friend suggestions list, which is based on mutual friends. It is also possible, for each friend, to see if there are mutual friends by clicking on the Friends box in his profile.

      To see someone's hidden friends on Facebook you just need to use Google Chrome and install an extension called Facebook Friends Mapper (no longer exists)
      Then log into Facebook and open the profile of a friend who has a hidden friends list and does not allow us to see who he knows.
      After installing the extension, in the Facebook button menu, next to Diary, Info and Friends, you will see a "Reveal Friends" link that you can click on to see all of that person's hidden friends.
      The list takes a while to appear and what you will see will be only the names, those of the profile URL (like claudio.pomhey1), and without the photos.
      The names, however, are all clickable so you can easily open all the profiles of a person's friends quickly.
      However, with this method it is possible easily check the friends of those who wanted to hide them and it is therefore possible to discover every link and knowledge of all, without the possibility that anyone can prevent it.

      How to see hidden friends on Facebook

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