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    How to solve the main problems of memory cards

    Is your memory card unreadable? Here are the main memory card problems and how to fix them.

    How to solve the main problems of memory cards

    La memory card it is now used in many technological devices, such as smartphones, digital cameras and MP3 players. It can store important files, such as photos taken with a mobile phone, or company data and documents.

    There can be numerous problems that can plague these external memories, which sometimes prevent them from being corrected data reading compromising information. Some problems can be solved in minutes, while others require certain skills, so you should contact data recovery experts. Some memory card issues are listed below.

    The memory is write protected

    Some memories have a small switch that allows you to lock or unlock the writing data. Sometimes it can happen that this switch is moved accidentally, so you just need to place it in read and write mode to write your files to memory.

    In other cases, the inability to write to memory could result from a virus. Some viruses have the ability to compromise the memory card by preventing it from being written to. It is therefore necessary to intervene with an antivirus, perhaps saving the files on the memory and subsequently formatting it to restore correct functioning.

    Memory is slow

    If the memory card has become slow in the writing stages, it may be a good idea to proceed with one complete formatting. Obviously remember to save all data on your PC before formatting it.

    If memory has always been quite slow, it may be that the drive's write speed is not fast. When you buy a memory card also check the class it belongs to. High-class memories, such as those of 10 class, have a higher speed.

    How to solve the main problems of memory cards

    Memory is not readable

    If the PC or the smartphone in which it is inserted cannot read it, there may be problems in the type of file system. When inserting a new memory into the smartphone, these reading problems can be eliminated by formatting the memory directly from the mobile phone. In other cases, formatting can be performed from the PC, using a special memory reader.

    The memory card is damaged

    If the memory has been corrupted, for example if it has been exposed to a fire, or has come into contact with a liquid or has fallen, the only solution is to contact a company specialized in data recovery.

    Troubleshoot memory cards: conclusions

    We at Infolab Data can recover data from memory cards using the most advanced tools available in the data recovery sector. You can contact us for advice.

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