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How to spy on WhatsApp iPhone

Preliminary information

Before getting to the heart of the guide, going to show you how the bad guys do a spy on WhatsApp iPhone, there is some preliminary information that it is my duty to provide you to allow you to have a perfectly clear idea on the matter.

Let's start from a fixed point: WhatsApp can be considered reasonably safe, which is why there is no need to be particularly paranoid about the actual level of secrecy of the conversations. The service, in fact, uses a system of end-to-end encryption named Textsecure, in place since the end of 2014 thanks to a collaboration with the developers of Open Whisper Systems

This system is based on the use of a public key, which is shared with your interlocutor and a private key, which instead resides on the smartphone of each individual user. Everything happens in real time, without the user having to do anything, but thanks to this technology, messages travel from the smartphone to the WhatsApp servers in an encrypted way and can only be read by legitimate senders and recipients. For further information, you can consult my specific guide on how to encrypt WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, however, being WhatsApp a software closed source, it is not possible to examine the content of the source code. Consequently, it is not possible to absolutely exclude the presence of flaws or errors in the implementation of the TextSecure system.

In this regard, based on some tests, such as the one conducted by Heise in 2015, it emerged that at the time end-to-end encryption was used only on the Android version of WhatsApp, while in all other cases it continued to be adopted. an algorithm-based system RC4, working only on exit and considered unreliable for some time. In the current state of things, however, the situation is very different and end-to-end encryption is used on all platforms for which WhatsApp is available, therefore also on iOS.

How to spy on WhatsApp: iOS

Having made the necessary clarifications above, I would say that we can finally get to the heart of the guide and go and find out how hackers do spy on WhatsApp iOS. You will find indicated below what are the main techniques adopted by the bad guys.

Cloning of the MAC address

Among the most popular techniques to spy on WhatsApp on iPhone is the MAC address cloning of the victim's device. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the MAC address is a 12-digit code that allows you to uniquely identify the network cards of the computers and all the devices that connect to the Internet.

That said, an attacker could then install special apps on their smartphone, disguise their MAC address and “make WhatsApp believe” that they are using another phone (in this case, the iPhone of the person to be spied on). Although the description might appear to the contrary, fortunately this is not an easy procedure. In addition, it takes a long time and prolonged contact with the device of the subject of your interest.

To give a practical example, if an attacker wants to spy whatsapp from android to iphone, must first unlock the device by performing the root and must have installed applications that allow you to change the MAC address, as in the case of BusyBox e Mac address ghost, which I told you more specifically in my guide on how to clone WhatsApp. Next, he has to worry about finding out the MAC address of the victim's iPhone (found in the Settings> General> Info> Wi-Fi of iOS), must set the data obtained on their smartphone, install WhatsApp and activate the application using the phone number of the targeted subject.

App for parental control and to monitor access

There are also apps that allow you to monitor everything that happens on your smartphone and which, consequently, can also be used to spy on WhatsApp on the iPhone.

This category includes app for parental control, such as Qustodio and Screen Time, which allow both to monitor and limit the use of different apps and which can also be used to spy on WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. Fortunately, they are not able to record what is typed on the smartphone keyboard or to directly capture WhatsApp messages but if configured properly they can prove to be quite invasive. They also have in their favor that they are not too expensive and are often available in the form of trials.

Then there are apps that allow you to spy on last access WhatsApp iPhone, simply by typing his phone number. Solutions of this kind do not require physical access to the victim's mobile phone and it is not even possible to defend against their action, as the access times to WhatsApp are from the public. Usually the solutions for spy on WhatsApp knowing the iPhone number they are free, but to fully use all the functions offered, such as the export of the data obtained, it is necessary to subscribe to paid subscriptions.

Social engineering techniques

Among the most popular systems to spy on WhatsApp on iPhone there are also those that are called social engineering (social engineering). In this case, the victim on duty is deceived with excuses, which can be more or less trivial, generally even with a friendly and accommodating attitude, to access his data: in this specific case to the "iPhone by" and WhatsApp.

A practical example of social engineering is when the attacker, inventing a special excuse, manages to borrow the iPhone from the victim and uses the situation to read his WhatsApp chats or, even worse, to install applications through which he can monitor the device and the remote messaging service.

Other tactics to spy on a WhatsApp contact with iPhone

Another technique often used by malicious people to spy on other people's devices is that of Sniffing delle ret wireless. The term "sniffing" means examining, through software designed for the purpose - how Wireshark, which I told you about in my specific guide on how to sniff a wireless network -, all the data that passes in clear text on a Wi-Fi network (such as WhatsApp messages could be).

Until before the implementation of the end-to-end encryption system, which I told you about in the step at the beginning of the tutorial, sniffing wireless networks also allowed you to spy on WhatsApp on iPhone, but today, fortunately, this is no longer the case. .

Another less sophisticated, but no less effective system, which until not long ago was used a lot by WhatsApp spies was to borrow the victim's cell phone, with any excuse, then making use of the aforementioned social engineering techniques, so you can then use it to boot Web WhatsApp or the WhatsApp client for Windows or macOS, which allow you to read and send messages from your PC using your smartphone as a "bridge".

To use them, in fact, just open WhatsApp on your mobile and scan a QR code which is displayed on the computer screen, as I explained to you in detail in my guide on how to use WhatsApp on PC. Furthermore, through the function that allows you to stay connected, you can store the user's identity and access conversations without requiring a new scan of the QR code each time. To date, however, the aforementioned technique can no longer be considered valid since WhatsApp sends notifications relating to access and requires biometric identification to activate access.

How not to be spied on WhatsApp on iPhone

Taking into account what has been said in the previous lines, for avoid to be spied on WhatsApp on the iPhone it is good to manage the "iPhone by" in order to prevent the violation of their privacy. To do this, it is certainly useful to put into practice the following precautions.

  • Update WhatsApp - by always downloading the latest updates available for the WhatsApp app, you avoid running into any flaws that malicious people can find and use in their favor. To clarify your ideas on what to do, consult my specific guide on how to update WhatsApp on iPhone.
  • Disconnect the devices from WhatsApp - if you are in doubt that someone is using your WhatsApp account without your consent, to remedy it, disconnect all devices currently active with WhatsApp. To do this, go to the tab Settings located in the lower right part of the app screen and select the item WhatsApp Web / Desktop in it, then select the device to disconnect and tap the button Disconnect or tap the option directly Disconnect from all devices. For more information, see my post how to disconnect WhatsApp Web.
  • Activate blocking on WhatsApp - maybe you weren't aware of it, but you should know that WhatsApp provides its users with a function to block access to the app via face or fingerprint, through which it is possible to prevent third parties from accessing their conversations unauthorized. To activate this function, go to the section Settings> Account> Privacy> Screen lock of WhatsApp and brings up ON theswitch to activate the screen lock. For more information, read my guides on how to put Face ID on WhatsApp and how to put Touch ID on WhatsApp.
  • Set a secure PIN - by using a sufficiently secure PIN on your iPhone you can prevent malicious people from accessing your phone and, consequently, also WhatsApp. To do this, in the section Settings> Face ID / Touch ID and passcode and select the item Change the code. For more information, read my post on how to lock iPhone screen.
  • Disable SMS display on lock screen - by cloning the MAC address of the iPhone, an attacker could enable WhatsApp on his device using his number. To do this, however, you need to read the verification code sent by SMS to your "iPhone by". So, if you disable the display of SMS on the lock screen you can prevent the occurrence of situations of this type. To do this, go to the section Settings> Notifications> Messages and deselect the item Screen lock. For more information, read my tutorial on how not to show messages on the lock screen.
  • Check for spy apps - if you believe that there are spy apps on your Apple smartphone, check it by accessing the list of installed applications and delete the suspicious ones. To do this, go to the section Settings> General> iPhone Space and delete the apps you think might be spying on you by tapping on theirs name and on the voice Delete app. For more details, read my post on how to delete spy software from cellphone.
  • Reactivate the disabled account - if someone has enabled WhatsApp on another device with your phone number, you will no longer be able to use it on your iPhone. Should you find yourself in such a situation, contact WhatsApp assistance immediately to report the matter. To find out more, read my post on how to contact WhatsApp.

Please note: this tutorial was written for demonstration purposes only. Spying on the conversations of others is a crime punishable by law and I do not take any responsibility for the use you will make of the information contained in my guide.

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