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    How to spy WhatsApp knowing only the phone number

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    From OnlyWhatsApps, we want to give you Information on How to Spy WhatsApp Knowing only the Phone Number. To be a Hacker and disrespect the Privacy of another Person/User by Spying on their Chat, you will need to have a device either Mobile Phone or Computer. We might recommend you to download some Applications to get it; stay and find out!

    Preliminary information

    Before we get into the heart of the article and see it in detail how to spy WhatsApp knowing only the phone number, I must give you some preliminary information about the transaction in question.

    As already mentioned in a few lines above, you should know that tracking the activities of others on WhatsApp, mainly private conversations, using only the phone number of a user, is virtually impossible.

    The only thing you can do, therefore, is to try to monitor some information and activity of users of your interest, accessible to anyone with their number (or almost). How to proceed is explained in detail below. First, though, we give you an alternative tested by our experts.

    It is also possible to spy on someone else's WhatsApp without having their phone number thanks to mSpy, an application that allows us to access the messaging services of the target device.
    messaging services of a target device. With this we will have access to the history of sent and received messages, as well as shared multimedia files and call history.

    mSpy is a service that we will have to install on the device we want to spy on, being necessary to jailbreak or rooting (depending on the operating system). Once installed, we will have access to a control panel full of additional monitoring functions such as real-time location, contacts, screen tap tracking, among many others.

    How to spy WhatsApp knowing only the phone number for free

    Let's get straight to the point and see how to spy WhatsApp knowing only the phone number for free, taking advantage of some practical measures that will allow you to see the login details of the person of your interest, their profile picture, etc. Note, however, that some data may not be accessible: it depends on the privacy settings used by the person in question.

    Saving a number on WhatsApp

    The first thing you need to do to be able to monitor another person's activity on WhatsApp is to save the latter's number. Here's how to do it.

    • On Android - open the WhatsApp app, tap the Chat tab located at the top left, presses the white dialogue bubble icon on green background located at the bottom right, click on the item New contact placed at the top and fill in the proposed form with name, surname andphone number of the person of your interest. Finally, click on the Saveitem at the top right. Finally, refresh the WhatsApp contact list by pressing the button (⋮), at the top right, and then on the Refresh button.
    • On iPhone - start the WhatsApp application, press theChat button located at the bottom right, press the pen icon with paper (top right), then on the New contact button and after you have entered, in the appropriate text fields, name, surname andmobile number of the person of your interest, press the Save andExit buttons.

    For more information on how to save contacts of people in WhatsApp, I refer you to read the guide I have dedicated to the subject.

    Online status

    Look at theonline status on WhatsApp is an operation that is always feasible. Currently, in fact, the text "Online", which appears when you connect to the famous messaging app, can not be hidden with any privacy settings and is always visible (even in the case of people who do not have our number saved in contacts). The only time you can't see if a person is online is when that person blocks you.

    It must be said, however, that to see when a person logs in to the famous messaging application, you must constantly monitor your account, since the platform does not integrate a function that sends a notification when a user logs in (there are third-party -applications that promise to be able to do this, but they do not work and, on the contrary, pose a risk to your privacy).

    To check the online status of an active person on your smartphone, start WhatsApp on your Android device or on your iPhone, go to the Chat tab, tap on the white dialogue bubble icon on green background located at the bottom right (on Android) or on the pencil symbol with paper located at the top right (on iOS) and select the contact of interest.

    However, if you use WhatsApp on PC, after clicking on thecartoon orpencil with paper at the top left, click on contact of your interest.

    In the chat screen with the person whose activity you want to track, you will see theOnline option above, under the contact's name, as soon as you log in to the famous messaging application.

    Last login

    Want to see the date and/or time of last login to a person's WhatsApp? Then note that this is only possible when two conditions are met: the user must not have hidden their last login and you must not have hidden their last login.

    By a principle of reciprocity, in fact, you cannot see the last login of others if you hide yours. In addition, if you are not in the contact list of the person in question, you must have set this item to the "All" option so that you can see them.

    The procedure concerning the display of the last access is practically the same as I indicated in the previous chapter, concerning the display of the online status of a WhatsApp contact.

    In the chat screen of the user of your interest, try to see if the wording is present Last access [today, yesterday or date] at [time], above, under the name of the latter.

    Note that if you do not see the data in question, it is possible that the person has decided not to make their last access public, or has even chosen to block their account.

    Profile picture

    A user's Profile Picture, can provide you with valuable information about their account, such as their identity (if they have set one where their face is clearly visible). Let me tell you how to see it.

    After opening WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device and accessing the Chat tab, tap on the white dialogue bubble icon on a green background (on Android) or on the pen with paper symbol (on iOS). Then, if the profile picture is visible, to see it in full you must press on itsthumbnail image (on Android) or you must first press on thename of the contact andon the thumbnail of the photo in question (on iOS).

    If you use WhatsApp on PC, instead, after clicking on the cartoon symbol or the pencil icon with paper (top left), click on the contact of your interest and click on the thumbnail of his profile picture (at the top, in correspondence with his name).

    Did you follow the above procedure but were unable to see the profile picture of the person in question? Note that he may have decided to delete it, he may have hidden it from those who are not among his contacts or from everyone (through the appropriate privacy options offered by WhatsApp) or, again, he may have blocked you.

    How to spy on WhatsApp with access to your smartphone

    Would you like to know How is it possible for others to spy WhatsApp by having access to the smartphone? This is a topic that goes beyond the subject of this tutorial, in any case, you should know that there are various hacking techniques that allow you to succeed in this (such as some social engineering techniques and the use of spy apps), even if they are the malicious people, they are now increasingly limited by WhatsApp and by the biometric authentication systems present on their devices.

    To learn more, I suggest you read the in-depth in which I explain in detail how to spy on WhatsApp. I am sure that this reading will help you understand how to defend yourself from malicious people interested in the conversations you exchange on the famous messaging application owned by Facebook.

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