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From OnlyWhatsapps, we want to inform you how you can spy on WhatsApp with just a QR Code (remotely, without having to be where the other person is), learning to be a Mobile Phone Hacker. First of all, we recommend a responsible use of the cell phone, as well as spying on the user through applications or websites, the first thing is always computer security. As a note, I inform you that the scanner of Whatsapp Web or the PC program (without Whatsapp Web), appears as soon as you open one or the other; in the event that there is already a session started, all you have to do is close the session, by clicking on the three little dots above.

How to spy or stalk WhatsApp with QR code

If you asked yourself how to spy WhatsApp with QR code, you will certainly have come to mind web WhatsApp and WhatsApp client for PC, two solutions developed by Facebook (company that owns WhatsApp) that allow you to use WhatsApp on your computer using a QR code that is scanned with the application for Android or iPhone. However, before explaining how to proceed, I would like to reassure you about WhatsApp's security system.

You may not know it, but the app in question uses an end-to-end encryption technology, i.e. "from one point to another", which is called TextSecure and works more or less like this: messages arrive on smartphones and service servers in encrypted form, and the content can only be seen by legitimate senders and recipients. The problem is that WhatsApp is a closed source application, so its source code cannot be thoroughly examined, making it impossible to verify whether end-to-end encryption is implemented perfectly or not.

In case it is not possible for us to scan the QR code, the best way to spy on a WhatsApp account is through mSpy, an application available on Android and iOS that gives you full access to a target device. With this you will access the desired WhatsApp profile, read conversations, see shared media files and even know the call history.

mSpy is a service with several payment plans that provide complete monitoring of the target device, so you can also locate it in real time via GPS, monitor the touches on the screen and keyboard, and even access profiles on social networks like Facebook and Snapchat.

What could happen? Well, for example, it is said that with some specific software, such as Wireshark, you can't track some WhatsApp data through less secure wireless networks, such as public ones.

How how, is it not clear to you what you just read? I try to explain everything: sniffing is a technique by which data passing through a wireless network can be captured and analyzed; consequently, if WhatsApp had some failure in the implementation of end-to-end encryption (which, I repeat, has not happened at the moment) and you connected to a public network without using a good VPN, the risks you would run would be many. I have given you more details about network sniffing in this guide that will certainly clear all your doubts.

Let us now return to the heart of the discussion: sohow to spy WhatsApp via QR code? It is not a simple procedure, not so much because of what to do but because it is difficult for the account holder to make certain mistakes. Everything is based on the fact that the service stores the user's identity (just check the box Stay connected after the first login) and works regardless of the connection you use on your smartphone: this means that even if the phone is far from the PC, WhatsApp Web will still be accessible.

Yes, I know what you're thinking: under these conditions, simply take the smartphone you want to spy on and connect it to WhatsApp Web by scanning the QR code; at that point, even if the victim takes the phone away, it won't matter because he can still continue to use the service. You say it's impossible to take a phone and connect it to WhatsApp Web in a short time, without the legitimate owner's agreement? You're not entirely wrong, that's why I told you it's a complicated procedure.

I also remind you that now the service also sends notifications on every login, then the owner will be notified that WhatsApp Web is active and can immediately act accordingly. Which you will have to do too, in case you notice that someone is spying on you on WhatsApp. Wouldn't know how to proceed in case something like this happens? Don't worry, I'll explain it to you right away.

How to protect yourself

Let me advise you, first of all,do not lend your phone to strangers or in any case to people you do not trust blindly; if you want to do it, make sure you check that they are really doing what they told you; secondly, do not leave your smartphone unattended and do not forget to choose a secure PIN and change it periodically. And no, the hack didn't stop there.

Even if you don't particularly like it as an idea, you could also think about setting up phone unlocking with the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition, in case your smartphone has it. I strongly recommend you not to do it, to be honest, because if someone is spying on you, it takes little to memorize your movements on the screen.

In addition, you should know that, by activating a biometric recognition system, you will avoid any unauthorized access towebWhatsApp/Destkop: in this case, in fact, the connection must be confirmed by the owner of the device.

Do not forget also to prevent the display of SMS on the lock screen, which, despite being a convenient feature, would allow the attacker to see the SMS with the WhatsApp activation code even if you have locked the screen. I will explain here what is the procedure to follow.

I advise you, then, to check the active sessions on your account for WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for PC, in order to find any suspicious activity. How do you say, don't know how to do it? Let's fix it right away.

Open, therefore, WhatsApp on your smartphone and go to the settings menu (on Android by pressing the ⋮ button located at the top right and on iPhone by selecting the appropriate tab at the bottom right), then select the item WhatsApp Web / Desktop.

At this point, you will see alist of browsers and computers from which you can access your messages and also thelast accesses made. Have you noticed any suspicious activity? Very well: select the item immediately Disconnect from all computers / Disconnect from all devices, so immediately disconnect any computer and device.

I recommend: given the tracking techniques I told you about before, never connect with WhatsApp to public networks because they are the preferred means of attackers. Use only VPN services because they encrypt all connection data and hide the phone's location, defending you from any tracking. In this regard, I recommend you to download either NordVPN (I'll talk about it here) or Surfshark (find more information here).

How to Spy WhatsApp Web without QR Code and with your own Mobile for Free

Now I will explain how to spy WhatsApp without QR code, because the techniques are many and do not end with the use of WhatsApp for PC. How, you did not think it was possible? Well, fortunately, these are complicated procedures to implement, so be careful and you will see that no one will be able to spy on you from a distance.

Free and Safe MAC Address Cloning

If you think about it, the use of WhatsApp Web with QR code by an attacker is essentiallyidentity theft. There is another similar technique that you should not underestimate: it is MAC address cloning, that is the twelve-digit code that uniquely identifies all devices that can connect to the Internet. Well, this code can be disguised precisely to fool WhatsApp's verification systems; it's not a quick procedure, but beware of it anyway.

What exactly happens? I'll explain right away: once he gets hold of your smartphone, the attacker will do nothing more than configure his phone in such a way that it has the same MAC address as yours - this only apparently, since I told you about "camouflage" -, installing a copy of WhatsApp and activating it with his number; this will allow him to bypass the restrictions of the service, which cannot be used on more than one smartphone at the same time, and get free access to your conversations.

Among the most famous examples of this technique are undoubtedly SpoofMAC for iPhone and BuxyBox andPhantom Mac Address for Android, although there are several such applications. I advise you to always keep an eye on your smartphone and follow all the advice I have given you so far: it may seem impossible for certain things to happen, but, in fact, it is precisely our carelessness that an attacker takes advantage of without thinking twice. But I still have more things to warn you about.

Spy apps/Apps to hack from your cell phone step by step.

Spying on WhatsApp is also possible usingspy-apps, which you should not confuse with parental control application, that is, with those applications that, properly configured, generally allow you to monitor the behavior of your children; in this case, sure you can check what a third party does on WhatsApp but it is also true that it is a limited control since the applications were designed for parents and not to achieve other objectives (God forbid, even if they are sometimes "inclined" to uses that are not very moral!).

When you hear about spy apps, in the strict sense of the term, we are referring to applications designed specifically to spy on users' activities. These are programs that generally remain hidden and do not appear in the system menus, since their goal is to secretly track activities from multiple points of view: for example, they capture phrases typed on the keyboard, screenshots and messages exchanged, on the phone.

These applications, in fact, are very expensive, so they are not affordable for everyone; however, I do not advise you to underestimate them as a little carelessness is enough to find yourself in unpleasant situations. How? Would you like to have an example? Sure, that's what I'm here for!

Among the most used there is undoubtedly iKeyMonitor, available for both Android and iOS (no jailbreak). The price is not low: after the trial period, in fact, the service costs $ 29.16/month if you want to use all the functions of the application.

The functions of the app are clearly visible in its administration panel, accessible from the official website: you can check what has been typed on the keyboard by selecting the item Keystrokes; SMS Logs allows you to view messages;WhatsApp, to view the chats of the well-known messaging service.

You could go on and on: it is possible, for example, to send the geographical location and screenshots by email to a designated email address. More information about the service can be found in this guide.

I remind you, once again, that spying on users represents a very serious violation of privacy, so I advise you not to download the application with bad intentions, but simply to deepen your knowledge to protect yourself from malicious people.

How to protect yourself

How to protect yourself in case you notice that such an application is spying on you? I reiterate the importance of not lending your smartphone to people you do not know or do not trust; secondly, do not root or jailbreak because these procedures unlock the system protections and make your device extremely vulnerable; also remember to use a secure unlock code that is difficult to guess. These are small tricks that nevertheless help a lot.

You may have followed all these tips, but you still find yourself in trouble. Maybe you did something wrong and did not realize that you downloaded some dangerous app: that's why I recommend you to check the apps installed on your device: if you use Android, go to the settings menu, then underapps, finally select the all option from the drop-down menu at the top, as soon as the new screen opens. I also recommend you check apps with elevated permissions by going to the Settings> Security> Other settings> Device administrators menu. If you use an iPhoneinstead, go to the settings menu, then select the general and IPhone free space items. This will make it easy to control because you only need to swipe the apps on your device. In case of suspicious apps, uninstall them from Android or iPhone.

However, keep in mind that many spying apps can hide on your phone and cannot be seen except with special codes that you need to type: all you have to do is launch your smartphone's browser and connect to the addresses localhost: 4444 or localhost: 8888, which are the ones used by many spy apps to hide their settings panel. That's not all. You should also start the dialer, that is, the screen where you enter the phone numbers and enter the code *12345: this is because you can access the possible configuration panel of a spy application installed on the phone.

If you have a rooted Android device, I strongly recommend that you also boot Superuser/SuperSu, to check if there are any spy apps among those that have obtained root permissions: it goes without saying that, if you happen to find any, you should immediately revoke the permissions in question.

If you want to feel safe, you think they are really monitoring your activities and you have not been able to find and uninstall the spy apps, do not waste any more time and format the device by erasing all its data: I explained how to do it in special guides I have dedicated to Android reset and iPhone reset.

Finally, remember that if you have an Android device, you can install a good anti-malware which will certainly be useful to block not only spy apps but also other malware designed for the "Big G" operating system, even in the future. I have recommended some of them in this guide.

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