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    How to turn off Ok Google and stop Google Assistant from listening to you all the time

    How to turn off Ok Google and stop Google Assistant from listening to you all the time

    Everything is much easier with Google Assistant. No need to enter a specific request in Google to access information, to waste precious seconds in programming the alarm clock in the Clock application… The examples could be linked endlessly. But for those who are cautious about privacy matters, feeling constantly listened to is a bit of a nuisance. There is only one solution: deactivate Ok Google.

    Disable Ok Google, the voice command that launches Google Assistant will not prevent you from taking advantage of the features of the personal assistant. It will be enough to launch it each time you want to pronounce a request. This is certainly less practical, but one has less the impression of being constantly tapped. Because the assistant keeps the microphone of the smartphone open at all times.

    How to deactivate Ok Google

    The process is quick and easy:

    • Open the application Google
    • Tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom right to access the menu then on Parameters
    •  Select Voix in the list, then Voice Match on the following screen
    • Toggle the slider to the left on the option Hey Google to deactivate it

    Alternatively, Google Assistant itself can help you turn off Ok Google. Use the feature one last time if you plan to do so. Say Ok Google then "deactivate Ok Google". Follow the instructions.

    Finally, Google is reassuring by claiming to keep only the instructions given after the Ok Google command. Since August 2020 and the eavesdropping scandal, Google no longer records your voice commands by default. If you want to see the old Ok Google backups or delete them, here's how.

    • On your Android smartphone or tablet, go to Settings> Google
    • Press Manage your Google account
    • At the top, press go to the tab Data and customization.
    • Sous Activity-related commands, Press on Web and App Activity, And then Manage activity.
    • Items with the microphone icon include a recording. 
    • Next to the item to delete, tap the three vertical lines and then tap Remove.
    • To delete all the items at once, press the three vertical lines at the top right and then press Delete activity.
    • Select The whole period.
    • Finally, follow the instructions to delete your activity.

    Google no longer has the voice data associated with your Ok Google commands and can no longer listen to you. You can also go further by simply disabling the Google Assistant. And this, with the results that this entails in terms of functionality.

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