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    How to turn Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

    Preliminary information

    How to turn Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

    Prima di andare avanti e di spiegarti, in the concrete, how to transform the Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater, let me give you some more information about the conditions under which this can happen.

    To begin with, I want to reassure you by telling you that the most modern devices of the Vodafone Station family can be set in "transparent" mode, that is, as a signal repeater, directly from the operating system with which they are equipped: this means that it is not necessary to make complex changes and potentially risky and that a couple of clicks and a few minutes of patience are enough to succeed.

    However, unlike what happens for real Wi-Fi repeaters, it is essential that the Vodafone Station that must act as a repeater is connected via cable to the modem / router that accesses the Internet: at the moment, in fact, it is not possible to establish the connection between the two devices in wireless mode, as the Vodafone Station does not provide this possibility.

    So, before you even proceed, make sure you have a Ethernet cable of good quality, long enough to connect the two devices.

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    If, on the other hand, the apartment / building in which you intend to use the Station has Ethernet wall sockets connected to the “main” modem, you can easily connect the Vodafone router to any of these.

    Note: thanks to this feature, it is also possible to “recycle” the Vodafone Station to connect to the Internet on networks of other operators, a very useful feature if you have purchased the Station in installments and intend to change mobile telephone operators.

    How to transform the Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

    How to turn Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

    Now that you are aware of how the “transformation” of the Vodafone Station into a Wi-Fi repeater can take place, you are finally ready to take action. First, therefore, connect the Station to a power outlet, turn it on and wait for it to boot completely: the light indicators placed at the top must emit steady light.

    Next, connect the device you intend to operate from (eg. the computer) to the Vodafone router: you can do it via Ethernet cable, inserting the special cable supplied with the router into one of the dedicated Ethernet ports (marked with yellow) on the back of it, and the other end into the dedicated computer input, or via Wi-Fi, is indifferent. In the latter case, check, before proceeding, that the indicator light WiFi of the Station is illuminated with a steady green light.

    Once the connection is established, open the browser you usually use to surf the Internet and type in it theaddress of the Vodafone Station which, by default, is http: //vodafone.station or If you receive an error message, you can independently retrieve the IP of the Vodafone router, following the instructions I have given you in this guide.

    After a few seconds, if this is the first time you access Vodafone Station, you should see its management panel appear; if, on the other hand, you have already carried out this operation in the past and set a password to be used for subsequent accesses, you will have to enter it in the appropriate field and click on the button Log in.

    Once logged in, click on the drop-down menu at the top right, next to the wording 1 user logged in, and set it to Expert mode, so you can access the advanced settings of the device.

    Now, click on the entry Settings visible in the top bar, reach the section Generic modem (left), press the button Switch to generic modem e answer affirmatively to the next message: following this operation, the Vodafone Station will restart in generic modem mode and can also be used as a Wi-Fi repeater.

    How to turn Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

    At the end of the restart, you must configure the Station so that it can use the Internet connection of the main router: to do this, access the Vodafone router again as done previously, set the resident drop-down menu at the top right on Expert modeclick sulla voce Internet placed at the top and then on the item WAN configuration, visible in the left sidebar.

    Once in the next screen, locate the section Main WAN configuration and set the drop down menu WAN configuration type present inside it on Ethernet. Now, select the item DHCP give menu to tendin Connection mode, put the check mark next to the item Automatica e save changes by clicking on the appropriate button located at the bottom of the window (in order to let the device manage the addresses of the various connected clients). The Station should now reboot again.

    Now if you want to change the Wi-Fi network key to be used to access the network generated by the Vodafone Station, click on the item first Wi-Fi (above) and then on the wording General Settings (left), press the button Change Password located in correspondence of the box Main Wi-Fi and, after typing the new one network keyclick on your button Save.

    Please note that, following this operation, all devices connected to the Station's Wi-Fi network (including the one you are possibly operating from) will immediately disconnect and you will have to reconnect them using the password you just set (more info here).

    We are almost there: now, to prevent the IP of the Vodafone router from conflicting with that of the main modem / router (that is, the device that is, in fact, connected to the Internet), you have to change it: always operating from the Station, set the drop-down menu located at the top right on Expert modeclick sulla voce Settings visible at the top and then on the section IPv4 (if trova a sinistra).

    How to turn Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

    Now, use the text boxes under the heading IP address of the Station Revolution to indicate the new IP address: in order to avoid future problems, my advice is to modify only the penultimate set of three numbers, setting inside it a value between 0 e 255.

    For example, the new IP address could be or or, again, the choice is yours. However, keep this IP address in mind, as you may need it in the future.

    We are almost there: to confirm the change, click on the button Save located at the bottom of the page and wait for the device to restart. If everything went well, the next loading of the management page should generate an error message: this confirms that the IP address of the Vodafone Station has been changed.

    Now, connect the Ethernet cable from your main router (or wall outlet) to the WAN port placed on the back of the Vodafone Station and that's it: after a couple of seconds, it should be ready to “repeat” the signal coming from the router, both via Wi-Fi network and via Ethernet.

    How to turn Vodafone Station into a WiFi repeater

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