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    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    Appnimi Word Password Recovery

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    If you are interested in understanding how to unprotect a Word file with password you can succeed in your intent without particular problems by resorting to the use of Appnimi Word Password Recovery. It is an excellent program for Windows operating systems that allows you to find the password of a DOC and DOCX document using different techniques: that of dictionary, which tries to "guess" the password of the file using a list of words contained in a dictionary file or that Brute Force, which tries all possible character combinations until it finds the right password.

    The program is free in its demo version, which allows you to recover only passwords up to 3 characters long. To take advantage of all its potential, you need to buy one of the paid versions: that Basic which for $ 9,99 allows you to discover the passwords of Word files using the dictionary technique Professional which for $ 29,99 allows you to take advantage of the brute force technique, or that Enterprise which also supports brute force with custom characters for $ 99.

    If you want to recover your work documents that you can no longer access due to the password, I therefore invite you to download and install the free version of Appnimi Word Password Recovery and give him the offending document. . To do this, click here to start with so that you can immediately connect to the program download web page. Then click the button Download for Windows located at the bottom of the page and wait for the download to finish.

    Once the download is complete, open thezip archive which contains Appnimi Word Password Recovery and double-click the file Appnimi Word Password Recovery Setup.exe. Pulia quindi sul pulsating Si then, in the new window that will now be shown on the screen, click on the button Next, Then I Agree to accept the terms of use of the program and then click on the buttons install Finish to conclude the setup.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    Please note that Appnimi Word Password Recovery requires the Java runtime Environment installed on your computer. If Java has not already been installed on your computer, at the end of the setup procedure of the program that I have just suggested to use to unprotect a Word file you will see a warning on the screen indicating that it is necessary to download and install .

    Then respond in the affirmative to the warning and download the software from the site that opens. If you need more explanations on how to download and install Java on your computer you can follow the simple instructions that I have provided you in my guide on how to install Java.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    After installing the software and eventually downloading and installing Java on your computer, wait a few moments for the Appnimi Word Password Recovery window to appear on the desktop and if it is not shown, click twice in a row on the program icon that has been added to the desktop to start it right away.

    Once the software is started, you must obtain a free license code in order to use it. Then fill out the form you see below by typing your name in the field Full name and your email address in the field Emailclick on your button Get Free License Key and open your inbox to get the software activation code.

    At this point, enter the license code you obtained via email in the field License key of Appnimi Word Password Recovery and click on the button first Activate and then No to activate the program and use its free version.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    At this point, click on your button Select file, select the Word file you want to find out the password for and press the button Home to start the procedure for identifying the password to access the Word document.

    At the end of the procedure (whose duration depends on the length and complexity of the password to be traced), Appnimi Word Password Recovery will show you a message with the keyword useful to open the protected document. Use it and you will be free to view / edit the DOC / DOCX file with password as you see fit.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    If you decide to buy one of the paid versions of Appnimi Word Password Recovery, you can take advantage of the dictionary and brute force attack techniques by selecting the items DictionaryBrute force from the menu at the top.


    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    If Appnimi Word Password Recovery has not satisfied you and / or you do not intend to spend money to find out the password of your Word file, you can consider using more complex solutions to use, but 100% free. I refer for example to Hashcat: a free and open source software that allows you to discover the passwords of various types of files, including Word, using dictionary attacks, brute force and more.

    Hashcat is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux but works only from the command line, so it does not have a graphical interface, and this makes it particularly difficult to use by those who do not "chew" computer science. Among its main strengths are the processing speed, in fact it is able to exploit the hardware acceleration technologies of the GPU to "attack" the files to be unlocked, but obviously the most difficult passwords always take a long time to be discovered ( sometimes even days!).

    If at this point you are not yet "scared" to find out how Hashcat works, here are the main steps you need to follow to use it.

    • Download on Hashcat - on Windows just download thezip archive that contains the program (by clicking on the link Download related to the option hashcat binaries on the official website of the software) and extract the contents in any folder. On macOS you need to install the package manager Homebrew (giving the command / usr / bin / ruby ​​-e "$ (curl -fsSL" in the Terminal) and then proceed to install the software using the command brew install hashcat.
    • Get the hash of the document to be unprotected - to discover the password of a DOC or DOCX file with Hashcat, it is necessary to provide it with its hash, that is a string that identifies it in a unique way. To get the hash of the DOC or DOCX file to unlock, you can turn to the script, which you can download from this page by right clicking on the button Raw and selecting the option to download the linked file from the menu that opens. The script is in Python, so you need to install Python in order to use it. Once the script is downloaded, you can use it using the Windows command prompt or terminal of macOS. The command to use is the following (after pointing the Prompt or Terminal towards the folder hosting the script):, where instead of goes the full path of the file to discover the hash of. Once you have the hash, copy it and save it in a file txt.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    • Download the dictionary file - one of the most effective attacks to discover the passwords of Word files is that dictionary. Therefore, I advise you to download a dictionary file to use to try to "guess" the key of the document. There are many dictionary files around the Net, I recommend that of rockyou (to be extracted from the zip archive at the end of the download).
    • Finding out the password of the Word file - once you have the txt file with the hash of the document to "attack", you can take action. Then start the Command Prompt Windows or the terminal macOS and give the command hashcat -m –status -o output.txt , where instead of  you must enter the identification code of the version of Office with which the document to be unlocked was created, instead of  you have to enter the full path of the txt file where you saved the hash of the Word file, while instead of  you must enter the full path of the dictionary file you downloaded earlier.

    The identification codes of the Office versions are as follows. To find out with which version of Office the document you want to unlock was created, check the code at the beginning of the hash you got with the script (ex. $office$*2013* per Office 2013).

    • Office 97-03 (MD5+RC4,oldoffice$0,oldoffice$1): 9700
    • Office 97-03 (MD5+RC4,collider-mode#1): 9710
    • Office 97-03 (MD5+RC4,collider-mode#2): 9720
    • Office 97-03 (SHA1+RC4,oldoffice$3,oldoffice$4): 9800
    • Office 97-03 (SHA1+RC4,collider-mode#1): 9810
    • Office 97-03 (SHA1+RC4,collider-mode#2): 9820
    • Office 2007: 9400
    • Office 2010: 9500
    • Office 2013: 9600

    After a few seconds of processing, Hashcat will start looking for the right password. The operation could take days, so have a lot, a lot of patience. If any steps are not clear to you and / or you want more details on how to use Hashcat for password recovery of Word files, consult this tutorial in English (which I also used as a starting point for this occasion).


    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    Would you like to be able to unprotect a Word file with a password but have no intention of installing new programs on your computer? Do you have a Mac and therefore you cannot use the software that I indicated in the previous lines? If the answer to at least one of these two questions is yes then I invite you to take a look at Decryptum.

    This is a free online service, usable from any Web browser and from any operating system thanks to which it is possible to remove the password to be used to open Word files but also Excel documents. The service promises a decryption time of less than 3 minutes, regardless of the length of the password.

    Decryptum, this is good you keep in mind, it supports all protected Word files with original 40 bit encoding but is unable to affect files created with Office 97-2016. The use of the service is subject to a fee but you can check its effectiveness for free by obtaining a preview for each Word document whose password you intend to recover.

    To unprotect a Word file with Decryptum the first step you need to take is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the main web page of the service. Then he presses on the voice Start decoding placed on the right and then put a check mark on the box next to the item I agree to terms and conditions. to accept the service support agreement and click on the button NEXT.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    Now, type the security code that is shown to you in the new Web page that has opened in the appropriate field below the entry Enter the security code: then click on the button NEXT. Then click on the button Choose file and select the Word file on your computer for which you intend to identify the password and click the button once again NEXT placed at the bottom.

    Then wait a few moments for the service to process the file after which you will be shown a preview of the Word document that you can partially consult directly online. If, on the other hand, you prefer to download the Word file from which the password has been removed directly to your computer, you will have to buy the credits necessary to do this by simply clicking on the appropriate item that is shown on the screen. Easier than that?

    Other solutions

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

    In addition to unprotecting a Word file with a password, do you need to do the same on a document in PDF format or on another type of file? If the answer is affirmative, I suggest you consult my guide on how to bypass a password and my tutorial dedicated to programs to bypass a password through which I have proceeded to show you other interesting tools that may prove useful in this regard. Please, take a look at least… I'm sure you'll be able to find the solution that best suits your needs in no time at all!

    Are you looking for other tools to remove or locate the password used to protect access to specific services or files? Yes? Well, then read my guide on how to find a password or consult my tutorial on how to decapitate passwords, maybe you find the solution that's right for you.

    How to unprotect a Word file with password

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