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How to update WhatsApp without Play Store

Preliminary information

The safest way to download and update applications on Android, as you certainly know, is to use the Play Store, which is the official Google market. Some manufacturers, such as for example Huawei, however, they have placed on the market devices that do not integrate Google Mobile Services, therefore it is impossible to obtain applications through the official "Big G" store.

This does not mean that the WhatsApp app cannot be updated in any way, on the contrary: all that needs to be done, in this case, is to download the most updated app in APK format and manually install it on the device. The file in question is available on the official WhatsApp website and can be downloaded safely and free of charge, with the certainty of not running into Android malware or other security risks.

However, this method does not ensure that the application is always updated to the latest version: as you will discover in this guide, you will need to carry out periodic checks and, in the presence of updates, manually download the app.

How do you say? Have you read around that there are some "alternative" markets for Android, which allow you to download the WhatsApp application and keep it updated automatically? Unfortunately, I must strongly advise you not to follow this path: applications of this kind can easily carry viruses and other cyber threats, putting the integrity of your data and your phone in serious danger.

In this regard, the only alternative markets that you can "blindly" trust are those published and managed by industry players with proven reliability, for example Huawei AppGallery, the store integrated into Huawei devices, and Amazon AppStore; at the moment, however, neither of them allows the direct download and update of the WhatsApp application, sorry.

How to update WhatsApp without Play Store

In light of what was said in the previous chapter of this guide, the only method currently working and 100% safe for update WhatsApp without Play Store consists of downloading the application, in APK format, directly from its official website.

Before carrying out this step, however, you must verify that the function for theinstalling apps from unknown sources, otherwise you will not be able to install the WhatsApp APK file obtained through the browser.

To do so, open the Settings of Android, by tapping on thegear located on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device, tap on the items App and notification e Show all apps and presses on the name of the browser that you usually use to browse the Internet (eg. Chrome).

Now, tap on the item Advanced, then on the option Install sconosciute app and move up ON the corresponding levetta alla voce Allow from this source; if necessary, reply affirmatively to the next warning, to confirm the change.

Keep in mind that, on some versions of Android, the path to follow may be slightly different: if you use a smartphone Huawei, for example, you need to open menus Settings> Security> Other settings> Install apps from external sources, locate the name of the browser in use and, after pressing on it, move up ON l'interruttore posto accanto alla dicitura Consenti l'installazione di app.

After enabling the necessary permissions, you can proceed with the download of the WhatsApp APK file: therefore, to start, open the browser you previously authorized, type the URL in the address bar and give Submit.

In a few moments, you should be directed to the official WhatsApp home page for Android: once the upload is complete, tap the button Download and then again on the voice Download, to start downloading the APK file. If necessary, he authorizes the operation by replying affirmatively to the subsequent warning.

Once the download is complete, the APK file should open automatically; otherwise, tap on the item apri located in the message that appears at the bottom of the screen, or on the notification about the download complete. Finally, tap on the item Install and wait a few moments for the procedure to be completed. When this happens, you just have to press the button apri, to start the app immediately.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this guide, there is no surefire way to get WhatsApp to update automatically, even in the absence of the Play Store.

However, you can periodically check the version of the app installed on your device and compare it with the one on the WhatsApp site: first, open the messaging application on your smartphone, tap the button (⋮) collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Settings, located in the menu that appears. Now, tap on the items Help e App info and take note of the WhatsApp version number.

Once this is done, go back to the home page of the app and check the version specified immediately below the button Download: if it is later than the one on your smartphone, update the app by following the instructions I gave you a little while ago.

I advise you, once the update procedure is finished, to block the browser from installing the apps again: to do this, go to the menu Settings> Apps and notifications> Show all apps or Settings> Security> Other settings> Install apps from external sources of Android, tap the name browser and move from ON a OFF the lever relative toinstalling apps from unknown sources. More info here.

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