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    How to watch games on your phone for free

    We are passionate about football and want to see the matches wherever we are, perhaps directly from our smartphone? There are many apps and many different methods, but the ones we are going to point out are the only ones with which you can watch the games on your phone for free, without having to pay a single euro (at least for most apps, since some services may request a test or an additional service to be able to see the games).
    Considering that some football matches are broadcast free of charge by some broadcasters, it is enough to have their apps or visit their sites to be able to see some sporting events (even very important ones, such as Champions League, Europa League and city matches) by spending just a little internet connection. At the end of the guide we will also show you which apps to use if we have an IPTV service, so as to be able to take advantage of a possible list too on Android phone or iPhone.

    Minimum requirements

    Even if modern smartphones are as powerful as computers, we will have to pay attention to some minimum requirements to be able to enjoy the game live without suffering interruptions or sudden shots of the image:

    • We use Wi-Fi whenever possible: the best connection we can use for streaming is certainly the wireless at home or in an office that is fast enough.
    • Outside the home, we only use 4G / LTE or higher: If we are away from home and cannot access a fast Wi-Fi connection, make sure our phone is connected to the LTE data network or later to benefit from the faster connection speeds.
    • Minimum speed: to be able to see all the streaming contents of the apps that we will recommend below, we recommend that you have a download speed equal to or greater than 6 Megabits per second, so that you can see all the contents in streaming without interruptions. If we use LTE or higher to connect to the Internet, we recommend start streaming only if we reach 12 Megabits per second of speed, so as to be able to benefit from sufficient bandwidth even in the event of a weak signal in the area where we are.

    To test the connection speed on your smartphone, we recommend using the app, available for free for both Android and iOS.

    We carry out at least 2 or 3 measurements, in order to obtain a reliable average value of the speeds available on our smartphone.

    App for streaming football matches

    Currently you can watch the games on your phone for free using one of the following apps.


    The Rai app broadcasts the football matches in progress on Rai 1, Rai 2 or Rai Sport channels live, thus making streaming available also on our telephone (as if we saw the Rai channels on a small TV!). Currently we can see on Rai some Champions League matches, all the matches of the city cup and all the matches of the national football team.

    The only thing we have to do is install the app on our phone and, when a football event is in progress on the Rai channels, open the app, tap on the top left on the item Menu (three lines horizontally), select the menu direct and choose the desired channel. In a few seconds we will see the streaming start and we will be able to enjoy the game without problems, even on the internal screen (smartphones of 6 inches or larger are definitely the most suitable in this situation).
    If we are interested in taking advantage of this app for free streaming games from the phone, we can download it for free for Android and iOS.


    The TV8 channel, owned by Sky, offers the possibility to watch some Europa League matches and other interesting sporting events in live streaming from the app.

    In this case a real app is not available to start streaming, but it is sufficient to visit the website's web page with any mobile browser (such as Google Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS), click on Streaming at the top and wait for the live broadcast to load.

    DAZN (free trial)

    If we want to follow some Serie A matches and other matches of foreign leagues, the only way to get the free vision is to activate DAZN's one-month free trial, the new streaming platform that has the television rights for 1 out of 3 Serie A matches but also allows you to watch all of Serie B, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, the Copa Libertadores, the FA Cup and the EFL Cup.

    After downloading the app on our phone, simply log in with the DAZN account and choose which event to see, so you can start buffering and follow the event in streaming wherever we are.
    In order to take advantage of the free month offered by DAZN, when registering, get a valid email address, a credit card or a PayPal account (they are also required to take advantage of the free month) and fill in the data required to obtain the month test. We remind you that these services base the subscription on implicit automatic renewal: before the end of the trial month it is advisable to go to the app settings and disable the automatic renewal, otherwise we will start paying from the second month (currently € 9,99 per month) . To learn more about the topic, we refer you to reading our guide How to watch games on DAZN on PC, TV, Android and iPhone.

    Alternative ways

    Outside the Android store there are apps that allow you to watch games for free, but I can't talk about them.
    What I can say is that to access some sites you can install apps with the free VPN such as Opera Browser or Aloha Browser.
    Only on Android it is also possible to install Acestream to access exclusive content.
    With the Puffin browser for Android and iPhone, you can also see websites with flash videos, otherwise inaccessible on your phone.

    App to manage IPTV lists

    If we have an IPTV list to see sporting events, we can also use it on our smartphone, just install the right free apps.

    IPTV Extreme (Android)

    If we have an Android smartphone, we recommend installing the app IPTV Extreme, definitely the best in its category.

    With this app we can easily add the list in m3u8 or similar format, taking us to the menu at the top right, tapping on Playlists and clicking Add Playlist. After adding, the app will create a copy of the list on the mobile phone, so as to start it quickly the next time you log in. To be able to see the channels in which any sporting events are broadcast, just click on the channel name and wait for the upload (which should be fast enough if we are on the LTE network).
    Among its features we point out the automatic updating of the EPG, notifications for the expiry of the list, integration with Chromecast and 4 different players, so you can choose the fastest and most suitable one for the smartphone in use.


    To view an IPTV list on iPhones, we recommend installing the GSE SMART IPTV app.

    In a simple and fast way we will be able to add the list in our possession (in m3u8 format) and view all the channels included in it. Among its functions we point out the possibility of connecting the streaming to a Chromecast, the possibility of recording the live broadcast and an advanced menu for managing multiple playlists.


    We have shown you all the methods we can currently use for watch the games on your phone for free, without spending anything. In some cases these were totally free services, while in the case of DAZN we can only take advantage of a free trial month, then we will have to pay the subscription. If we have a list, the apps indicated in the guide will allow you to enjoy it even on the move, without having to wait for the return home to turn on the TV Box.

    If we have any issues with streaming or buffering on the apps listed above, we recommend that you read our guide to Live video streaming problems: how to solve (DAZN, NOW TV, IPTV etc.).

    How to watch games on your phone for free

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