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    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)Sky broadcasts many interesting and exclusive events on the satellite, but not all of them can bear the costs (however incurred) to be able to see them with the satellite dish and the attached decoder. If we wish see the best Sky channels on our TV (both Smart and simple) without satellite decoder and dish, there is a valid alternative that we can take advantage of: the service offered by NOW TV.
    With NOW TV we can see the best of Sky channels live and a selection of films and TV series on demand using a simple Internet connection. In this guide we will show you how to subscribe (without constraints) with NOW TV, how to install the specific app for the latest generation Smart TV and how to access this platform on televisions without a Smart component (the simple ones, where only digital terrestrial channels are seen).

    How to subscribe NOW TV

    First of all we sign up for a subscription to NOW TV, so that we can obtain the access credentials to be used later in the app for the TV.
    NOW TV offers a series of monthly renewal tickets that we can choose during registration to unlock the channels and programs we intend to follow (TV series ticket, Entertainment ticket e Ticket Film).
    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    The price of a single ticket is € 9,99 per month (a very competitive price), but we can also choose the package with 2 tickets (€ 14,99 per month) or the package with all tickets included (€ 19,99 per month).
    If we want to add HD and simultaneous viewing on 2 devices we can also add theOption + for € 2,99 per month.
    If we are interested in the Sport Ticket (to see all the football matches and sporting events broadcast by Sky) the rates are different: starting from € 7,99 for the daily ticket, passing through the weekly ticket at € 14,99 and finally the monthly ticket at 29,99 , € XNUMX per month.
    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    By choosing one of the sport tickets we will immediately have the HD active for Sky sporting events, broadcast via the Internet.
    As mentioned there are no exit costs or restrictions: at any time we can interrupt the tickets and we can pay with simple payment methods such as PayPal or credit card (Postepay is also accepted).

    Whatever method we will use to watch NOW TV on the TV, you will also have to consider the speed of the Internet connection: in order to see all channels at standard resolution (SD) it is advisable to have an Internet connection (ADSL or optical fiber) for at least 2 Mega per second in download, while for HD content (or SuperHD for Sport channels) we recommend having at least 10 Mega in download, so that you can see any content at the highest quality and without "big squares" effect (which may appear if speed is too low).
    In this regard, we refer you to reading our guides for the check your internet connection speed and to find the best optical fiber, with coverage and offers verification.

    To deepen the discussion on NOW TV, I refer you to reading our dedicated guide -> How to see Sky without a satellite dish and a fixed subscription.

    How to watch NOW TV on Smart TV

    After completing the subscription to NOW TV and obtaining the credentials to access the service, we can install the NOW TV app on our Smart TV to immediately see Sky channels without a dish.
    Let's make sure connect the TV to our modem (via Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or Powerline), then we access the integrated app store (you may need to press the Smart button on the remote control and select the store icon from those present).
    From the store of our Smart TV we look for the NOW TV app and install it: currently the app is available on all TVs with Smart components produced from 2015 onwards, so it should be easy to find it.
    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    Once installed, all we have to do is start it from the app launcher and enter, when requested, the access credentials for the service.
    We will have the various categories available, divided to reflect the subdivision made with the tickets.
    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    We select the category that reflects what we have activated with the chosen ticket and we start a live channel or one of the on-demand content available.

    How to Watch NOW TV on Simple TVs

    If our Smart TV does not have the dedicated app or we have a TV without a Smart component, we can still watch NOW TV using the Now TV Smart Stick.
    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    We buy this dongle for € 29,99 (with a monthly ticket included) and connect it to our TV via an HDMI port (the only prerequisite to be able to add the multimedia component to the TV).
    At start-up we will have to connect the dongle to the home Wi-Fi network, so as to be able to access the Internet; when requested, we enter the credentials of the NOW TV service to which we have subscribed, so that we can enjoy the Sky channels and the on-demand contents of the platform.
    If we have a Chromecast connected to the TV, it is not necessary to purchase any additional stick: download the NOW TV app on an Android smartphone or iPhone, log in with our account credentials and use the Cast button at the top right to associate it with the Chromecast.
    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

    From now on, the channels and contents selected on the smartphone app will be automatically played on the Chromecast and reflected on the TV.
    Alternatively we can also use game consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One to watch NOW TV, since the app dedicated to content viewing is available in the respective stores.

    How to watch NOW TV on your TV (without Sky decoder)

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