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    Lab – Slow motion at 1 fps to understand the hybrid view of the Fujifilm X000V


    While our test of the Fujifilm X100V is already out, we wanted to come back to its hybrid aim. Thanks to a recording at nearly 1 fps, we produced a slow motion video on the particular aim of the expert compact.

    Fujifilm's X100 series is particularly characterized by its retro look, its 23mm fixed focal length equivalent to 35mm in full format, but also by its APS-C sensor. However, one of the great peculiarities of the series is its so-called "hybrid" aim. The X100V is the latest version of the series. The expert compact was announced in February 2020. During our tests, we were able to see the excellent performance of the case as well as the efforts made in optical quality during our test.

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    Optical or electronic, that is the question

    However, the least connoisseurs among us may wonder about this famous hybrid sight. The sighting of the X100V is therefore based on an optical part which is reminiscent of the optical sighting of certain Leicas such as the Leica M10. On the other hand, a more classic electronic sight is directly available at the same location.

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    A completely legitimate question may then arise for those who have never had the chance to use an X100V. How does the combination of the two systems work? The answer is quite simple: a screen unfolds at the bottom of the optical sight, thereby creating a more conventional electronic sight. By retracting, we find the optical functioning.

    The X100V in black or silver version. © Fujifilm / Jonas Rask

    Almost 1 fps for slow motion

    But since a picture is often more effective than a long speech, we made a slow-motion video of the activation of the electronic sight. It is thanks to the Sony ZV-1 which inherits many of the characteristics of the Sony RX100 VII that we were able to create slow motion from a rush at 960 fps!

    Electronic aiming can be activated in the menus of the device, or assigned to a control button for a faster and more comfortable call. In our case, we have chosen to associate the function with the lever in its external position. In this way, switching from one type of sight to another can be done very quickly.

    The lever used - in the opposite direction - towards the lens activates a kind of "heads up" display visible in the lower left corner of the viewfinder on the slow motion video. This auxiliary display allows you to check that the focus is correct or to do it manually.

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    It's a question of choice

    Finally, the question of the choice of sight may arise. Optical sighting has several advantages. It may seem more comfortable and also allows you to better keep in touch with your environment thanks to a wider viewing angle than the actual frame of the final shot. On the other hand, the electronic sight notably grants the best performances and more precision for the autofocus or the visualization of the creative effects. With its X100V, Fujifilm tries to offer the best of both worlds with an original and efficient device.

    Audio Video Lab – Slow motion at 1 fps to understand the hybrid view of the Fujifilm X000V
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