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    Lab – The Fluffy brush of the V11 more effective than the High Torque head?

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    Dyson's soft roller brush (or Fluffy) is starting to get out of hand since the first stick vacuums that were equipped with it were released in 2015. How does it compare to the newcomer, the High Torque brush?

    Dyson V11 Absolute Launch price €649

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    It was at the end of 2014 that we first heard about the Fluffy brush. This strange appendage was intended to revolutionize the collection of dust and heavier debris, both on fine carpet and on hard floors. The idea was to avoid the phenomenon of rubbish being thrown towards the front of the suction head by bristles that were a little too hard. 

    High Torque vs. Fluffy, the fight of the brushes.

    Now renamed the "soft roller brush", the Fluffy brush is completely covered in soft fur through which run rows of equally soft bristles, but a bit longer. The latter collect the smallest waste, as a classic motorized brush would do, while the soft surface (blue and red in the photo) "grabs" the large residues and folds them towards the suction port.

    The High Torque brush is completely different and has the same profile as the classic motorized brush; only two rows of hair run through it. 

    What is the most effective brush?

    To find out if the aging Fluffy held off the newcomer, we simply carried out a suction test on fine carpet and on hard floors, the preferred surfaces of the Dyson V11. On fine carpet, the High Torque brush picked up 97% of litter in 30 seconds...just like the Fluffy brush. On hard floors, with one brush or the other, we collected 100% of the detritus in 30 seconds.

    It is therefore difficult to decide in favor of one or the other. In our opinion, the Fluffy brush is not essential to get the full Dyson V11 experience. We can therefore move towards the Animal Pro version of the stick vacuum cleaner and save 50 € on the bill – for the moment –, while waiting for slightly more affordable prices. 

    Dyson V11 Animal Plus Introductory price €599

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