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    Magnetic Tape and Tape Data Recovery - Is it Possible to Recover Data?

    Magnetic Tape and Tape Data Recovery - Is it Possible to Recover Data?

    Magnetic tapes or tapes have been widely used in the past for performing daily, weekly or monthly backups. Many used them, it can be assumed that in recent years almost all PC servers used TAPEs to perform their backups. The data backup solution using tapes was fast, simple and not very expensive.

    Magnetic Tape and Tape Data Recovery - Is it Possible to Recover Data?

    Over time, the tapes have been replaced by External Hard Disks, NAS or in some cases even with CLOUD storage systems. Even today, however, there are many companies that use Backup systems with magnetic tapes.

    There are many companies and public structures that still require data recovery from Tape and magnetic tapes. Many times the recovery is not given by an accidental loss of data but by the difficulty of using old tapes with latest generation software. We find ourselves more and more in large companies in situations of having to extrapolate old information from obsolete tapes that are not compatible in any way with the new PCs and new software used in 2017.

    The problems that can be encountered in a magnetic tape or TAPE are for example the deterioration or breakage of the tape, the contact of the support with magnetic sources such as magnets for example, which can cause total loss of data.

    One of the causes that occurs very often is the loss of data from magnetic cassettes as a result of fire or flood. Those who use or have used these media in the past usually try to store them in storage or warehouses that most of the time do not have the minimum environmental safety requirements.

    Even in this case, the laboratories are able to intervene on the data recovery of magnetic tapes or TAPE. Data recovery of these media requires a great deal of experience and above all a deep knowledge of the writing techniques used to archive data on tapes.

    As already mentioned above, the data recovery of these media is not always given by the loss of data, in fact there are many times when the cassettes or tapes are perfectly functional but the user needs to be able to consult them with the latest generation software and tools. The task of in these cases is precisely that of extrapolating and converting the data into formats that can be readable even by the most recent tools.

    In all this, one of the fundamental things that we should all know is the correct storage of storage media. Precisely on this topic we wanted to deepen archiving techniques and solutions that you can find on this page.


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