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    Netflix: a feature allows you to disable the message “Are you still there? »

    Netflix: a feature allows you to disable the message “Are you still there? »

    Netflix is ​​currently testing a feature that removes the "Are you there yet?" window. », which appears after a certain period of reading.

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    You probably didn't miss it. If you watched two episodes in a row, without having touched the controls of the Netflix player, a screen appears after two minutes with the question “Are you still there? ". The purpose of this message is to check if you are still in front of your screen in order to save bandwidth and keep warm where you left off. The SVOD giant is currently testing a feature that removes this message, deemed too painful and annoying by some of the service's users.

    Netflix is ​​not in its first large-scale test, since for example, the service is always looking for the "right" price for the first month of subscription, which varies from 0,05 to 3,99 € in user function.

    A feature currently being tested around the world

    You were quietly watching season 4 of Stranger Things (yes, we are already in the future) and there is the drama. The message "Are you still there?" appears, your streak suddenly ends, your remote is too far away, and you can't find your Xbox or PS4 controller. Hell and damnation! You will have to get up to restart the machine... If you find yourself across these lines, know that your ordeal is soon over.

    Indeed, a handful of Netflix users have noticed that a new screen now appears instead of "Are you there yet?" with the question "Continue watching without asking again?" ". This feature would allow disable the dreaded verification message altogether. Asked by our colleagues from The Verge, a Netflix spokesperson did confirm that this feature was being tested around the world. By the way, note that you can already activate or deactivate automatic playback for each of the profiles in your Netflix account.

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