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    Netgear launches its connected art canvas Meural Canvas II


    Netgear markets in Spain the Meural Canvas II, a digital art canvas that can integrate up to 30 works of art of all kinds… A way to democratize art, but unfortunately not at a lower cost.

    Netgear Meural Canvas II Launch price €649

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    The success of Samsung's The Frame has obviously given other manufacturers ideas. Netgear, although specialized in the router sector, acquired the American company Meural, and from this acquisition was born the connected digital web. If a first version was launched in the United States two years ago, Netgear returns this time with a new version marketed in Spain. This connected board called "Meural Canvas II" offers three colors of dials (black, white, wood) and two sizes, one 21 inches (41 x 61 cm), the other 27 inches (48 x 74 cm) .

    There are two formats and two different dials for the Meural tables

    The screen has an HD resolution (1 x 920 px), we are a long way from the 1K on board The Frame screens, but so be it. In addition to the modest definition of the Meural boards, the upper part of the board benefits from an ambient light detector in order to adapt the lighting according to the outside light. The frames can be rotated to be oriented in both portrait and landscape format, depending on the works on offer and the user's wishes.

    Don't be fooled by appearances, this digital canvas is not tactile and to navigate through the library of works of art, you can use gesture control: just pass your hand horizontally in front of the painting (like a "swipe") to view another work, and vertically to access information and the library of works. The Meural Canvas II can also be controlled via the Meural application or by voice command since it integrates Amazon Alexa.

    By passing your hand horizontally, you can access the information of the work (on the left), vertically, you go to the photo gallery (on the right).

    And on the content side, Meural provides access to 30 digitized works of art (paintings, photographs, etc.) from galleries, museums, or even unknown artists thanks to various partnerships with museums! But acquiring tens of thousands of works at home obviously requires emptying your bank account: in addition to buying this painting, you should subscribe to a subscription of €000 per year (i.e. around €69 per months) to access all the works offered, but also to 6 GB of online storage for its own use. "We become a sort of patron since subscribing to this subscription helps to contribute to the development of museums", explains Lionel Paris, product director at Netgear. Finally, those who do not wish to subscribe to this subscription can be reassured, the user will still benefit from 20 preloaded works and 100 GB of storage.

    If the main interest of this table is of course the display of works of art, it is however possible to integrate your own photos thanks to the micro-USB socket located and an SD card slot.

    The board has a micro-USB socket and a place for an SD card

    Regarding the prices of the paintings, they vary between 649 € and 899 €. The models should be marketed next October.

    If this product can be interesting for art aficionados but also to democratize art, it is clear that the note is quite salty... Especially since the competition is fierce, we indeed think of Samsung's The Frame models which offer almost the same functionalities as Meural but also act as a television...

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