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    Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Canal+ Series, OCS, Disney+, Apple TV+: video streaming comparison

    Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, OCS and Apple TV+ are complete video streaming platforms. Among all these players, which one offers the best offer? Answer in our complete comparison.

    Since its arrival in Spain, Netflix has turned the audiovisual landscape upside down. The service of streaming video American, despite a timid start, ended up seducing users. Since then, the habits of the Spaniards have changed. In front of a television offer completely out of time and programs of poor quality, some will say, users have found in video streaming a means of breathe new life into their TV. In Spain, Netflix represents 30% of the VOD market share.

    If Netflix has definitely democratized video streaming, it is not the only player in the market. Before him, there was already Canal Play in Spain, a service that has now given way to Canal + Series. Little by little, faced with the success of this new way of consuming films and series, others were born. Orange has bet on OCS Go and Amazon launched Amazon Prime Video in France a few years ago. For its part, launched in November 2019, Apple TV + may not have found its audience yet, at least not in Spain. Netflix remains for the moment n°1. But another juggernaut is completely changing the situation: Disney+, which has very strong arguments to make.

    With different catalogs, features and prices, each service has advantages and disadvantages. So we researched the subject to find out which video streaming service is the best. Here are our conclusions.

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    With over 200 million users worldwide, Netflix is ​​unquestionably the most popular video streaming service by users. In Spain, after a mixed start, the service finally met its audience. It must be said that the American giant offers a very complete catalog of films and series.


    After complicated beginnings, the number of films and series offered by Netflix has grown considerably over time. On the cinema side, as with other services, the media chronology does not allow you to enjoy the latest films released in theaters for a long time. It takes 36 months between theatrical release and availability on an SVOD service.

    For series, on the other hand, the Netflix catalog is undoubtedly the best currently. Not only has the American giant obtained the rights to numerous series, but it also produces its own content, often hailed for its high quality. In the top of the best Netflix series, we think for example of series like Orange is The New Black, Sense 8, 13 Reasons Why, Daredevil, The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, The Witcher, Elite or even Casa De Papel.

    In order to continue this great progress, Netflix has embarked on the production of films, again with works acclaimed by critics. We think, for example, of Okja which won a lot of praise and created controversy at the Cannes Film Festival where it was presented. Excluded from the Festival, Netflix decided to boycott the event in 2018. This did not prevent the platform from persevering by producing films such as Marriage Story or The Irishman, the latter having been nominated 10 times for the Oscars in 2020. These Netflix exclusives, both for series and for films, are the great strength of the platform.


    In terms of features, Netflix stands out from some of its competitors for the ability to view content in 4K ultra high definition. Of course, this requires a compatible TV and a good internet connection. Content is broadcast in Full HD or in HD if the connection is not at its best – thanks to an adaptive AV1 video codec.

    On the audio side, Netflix is ​​also aiming for “studio quality” including on Android mobile devices. Note that depending on the formula chosen, it is possible to view content simultaneously on several devices (PC, TV, smartphone or tablet). With the Standard formula it is possible to share the subscription with two people, while with the Premium formula, it is with four friends or members of your family that you can do so. A real advantage.

    Whether on the side of the mobile application, that for Windows 10, ISP TV boxes, game consoles or Android TV devices, the Netflix environment is rich, very rich even. It is possible to do absolutely everything: add programs to your favourites, have movies and series suggested based on what has already been watched, create up to 5 user profiles at the same time, save your reading preferences , etc

    Android and iOS applications are also full of features, such as the one that allows you to lock the smartphone screen while watching a series or a movie (this is just one example, there are dozens of them). others like that). Finally, for a few years now, Netflix has offered to view certain content in offline mode. the downloading is available both on mobile, but also on PC via the Windows 10 application.

    The goal is to be able to watch your favorite movies and series in places where you don't get internet, like in the subway or on the plane, for example.


    Netflix offers several subscriptions different depending on the needs. The basic formula is certainly interesting financially speaking, but the image quality is not necessarily there. To be reserved for the “small” screens of ndisnos smartphones and tablets, therefore. On the other hand, if the service tends to revise its prices upwards from time to time, the price of the Essential formula does not change.

    The number of supports and the quality of the image will be the criteria differentiating one formula from another. Note that Netflix increased the prices of all these formulas in Spain on August 19, 2021. For the first time since the launch of the service in France, the entry-level Essential offer is also affected by this price increase. Let's take a look at Netflix's new prices together:

    • Essential at €8,99/month for a single screen in SD quality
    • Standard (HD) at €13,99/month for two screens in HD quality
    • Premium (Ultra HD) at €17,99/month for four screens in Ultra HD

    WE love

    • A very extensive catalog
    • The environment
    • High-quality original series and films
    • offline mode
    • Ultra HD quality

    We like less

    • A catalog of movies to improve (media timeline)

    >> Discover the Netflix offers <

    Disney +

    A new player in the video-on-demand market, Disney+ was introduced in April 2019.



    With the contents of Disney, Pixar, The Marvel movies, Star Wars, National Geographic et 21st Century Fox, the Disney+ catalog is its main strength. It is suitable for young and old, thanks to the many animated feature films that have made the success of the American group. Disney+ offers blockbusters from the Marvel universe, but not only!

    The platform also offers series like The Simpsons, a film like James Cameron's Avatar, or even the X-Men and Deadpool saga thanks to the recent takeover of 21st Century Fox. 7500 series episodes and 500 movies should be available, but maybe not all at the same time. And on top of all that, we are also entitled to exclusives.  The Mandalorian by director Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book) takes place in the Star Wars universe. Let's also mention the Marvel Studios series, including WandaVision, Loki, or Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


    On the option side, it doesn't seem to be missing much. Disney+ uses the same ingredients that made Netflix so successful. You can stop a program to resume it later on another device, customize the subtitles, etc. Like Netflix, we find a system of profiles per account, with the presence of parental controls for children. Finally, all content can be downloaded for viewing in offline mode.


    One of the great strengths of Disney+ is to offer a unique formula at a very low price. At least you can't go wrong. In addition, this offer allows you to watch Disney+ on 4 screens simultaneously and in 4K (provided the program is available in this definition). The service also allows you to create up to 7 user profiles: enough to satisfy all family members, even friends. Here are the prices charged by Disney+, by the month or by the year:

    • €8,99/month or €89,99/year (4 screens)

    WE love

    • Cult franchises (Star Wars, The Simpsons, X-Men)
    • Disney and Pixar animated productions
    • Compatible 4K HDR
    • The more adult Star section

    We like less

    • New and exclusive content is still too rare


    The video streaming service ofOrange succeeded in carving out a place for itself on the SVoD market, thanks in particular to a catalog rich in high quality series and produced by HBO.


    Originally, OCS was the package of pay channels offered by Orange. But faced with the success of streaming services, Orange has also launched its in-house platform called OCS Go (inspired by its American model HBO which launched HBO Go).

    OCS is available on the boxes of the different operators, but also in a totally free subscription formula like Netflix. You can also find OCS on Xbox One or PS4 as well as on Android TV boxes.

    Unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney+, OCS is not subject to the same media timeline rules. We therefore find there recent films, even very recent ones (6 to 8 months after their theatrical release, in the same way as Canal+).

    The other great strength of OCS is its partnership with HBO, the big American studio that has the best series of the moment. Among them, Game of Thrones of course, but also Black Sails or the masterful Westworld. As a bonus, OCS has won the broadcasting rights to The Walking Dead.

    Additional advantage: the partnership with the various studios allows OCS to broadcast these series almost at the same time as in the United States. It's the the famous US+24. 24 hours after the broadcast in the United States the program is available on OCS in VO or VOST. In the case of an iconic series like Game of Thrones, the broadcast was even immediate : no delay, OCS broadcast the last and final season 8 at the same time as the United States.

    Over time, these advantages will weigh more and more on the competition. Orange has indeed succeeded in negotiating an exclusive partnership on all HBO programs. To watch Game of Thrones or Westworld, for example, the only legal platform to broadcast them will be OCS. Nice shot. It remains to be seen whether HBO and OCS succeed in the long term to adapt to the success of their programs.

    The first episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones, for example, had a chaotic start on OCS and HBO, the two platforms not being prepared for record attendance.


    As explained above, OCS Go is available on smartphone, tablet, PC or directly on internet boxes, Android TV, Xbox One or PS4. Be careful, however: for some platforms, it is only possible to access the service by paying for the most expensive formula.

    No 4K on the OCS program, but the possibility of viewing on several screens at the same time is there. Up to three screens in addition to the TV. Another advantage: OCS Go allows access to an offline mode not only on mobile, but also on computer. You download the videos to your machine to watch them later.

    For the rest, we specify that if the interface of OCS is neat, the service is not always very stable. We have often had to contact customer service for bugs preventing us from accessing our programs. Too bad, even if the customer service is fast and efficient. Finally, on the audio side, OCS Go does not support 5.1.

    Unique solution if you do not want to settle for a broadcast in stereo: use a subscription to Prime Video, which offers to broadcast the content of OCS in 5.1. It's a bit tricky, but it works.


    Orange offers different formulas to access OCS. What differentiates the offers is the availability of the service directly on TV via Cast, or even directly from an operator's box. Here are the OCS formulas:

    • Standard at 9,99/month (first month free) for access on mobile, tablet and computer. 2 screens simultaneously.
    • Premium at €11,99/month (€4,99/month for 4 months, first month free) for access on mobile, tablet, PC, TV via Cast. 3 screens simultaneously.
    • via the operator's box at €13,99/month (Orange), €12/month (Bouygues), €11,99/month (Free), €12,99/month (SFR)

    WE love

    • The quality of films and series
    • The regular renewal of the catalog
    • The partnership with HBO
    • La diffusion US+24
    • Offline mode also available on PC
    • Available on all media (TV, mobile, tablet, consoles, Android TV)

    We like less

    • A catalog less extensive than that of Netflix
    • The interface could be more intuitive

    >> Discover the OCS offers <

    Canal + Series

    Canalplay is dead, the new flagship SVOD platform of the Spanish group is now Canal+ Series, which was made official in mid-March 2018. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have done extremely damage to Canalplay, which was no match for its competitors and saw its number of subscribers plummet. Let us now judge its successor, which is supposed to respond more effectively to the needs of users.


    As its name suggests, this service is focused on the series, which was precisely one of the weak points of Canalplay. The strategy here is not to try to compete with Netflix, Canal can't afford it anyway. But rather to offer itself as a complement, with a clever mix between many original productions and (often dated) American series.

    In terms of original Canal content, we find Gears, Short, Versailles, Mafiosa, Platane, Hippocrates et Vernon subutex. European series are also honoured. We can cite Gomorrah, Killing Eve et Miguel.

    Then, for the nostalgic or if you have missed them so far, US TV classics: Buffy against vampires, Dexter, 24 Hours Chrono, Californication, How I Met Your Mother, Twin Peaks. With Deadly Class, Canal+ Series manages to add some recent US content, but there is still a lack at this level.


    Canal+ Series is quite comparable to Netflix in its interface. It is accessible on computer, mobile and tablet, but also on TV. Like Netflix or OCS, it is possible to broadcast content via AirPlay or Chromecast (you send the image from the smartphone or PC to the TV).

    Like the other two services, Canal+ Series offers an offline mode. But it is definitely the best offline mode of all the services. Indeed, Canal+ Series allows you to take advantage of the functionality on any terminal, computer included. On Netflix, this is only possible on mobile for example. This is one of the big positives that sets it apart from the competition.


    Canal+ Series offers three formulas formulas, directly inspired by what Netflix offers. In short, we offer the same options here as the American SVOD service, but for each time 1 or 2 euros cheaper. But the difference is in the number of screens only, with 4K-UHD quality included for all plans. Here are the three offers available:

    • 6,99 euros per month for 1 user
    • 9,99 euros per month for 2 simultaneous users
    • 11,99 euros per month for 4 simultaneous users

    WE love

    • Original Spanish productions
    • The very good offline mode

    We like less

    • The catalog of US series dated and not very sexy
    • The lack of movies

    Note that in addition to the subscription to Canal+ Series, Canal+ has just announced the arrival of three new formulas which will come into effect on September 9, 2021. Among them, the Canal+ Cine Series offer could interest you. For €40,99 per month (€30,99 per month for the first year during a two-year commitment), this formula includes Canal+, Ciné+, Disney+, Netflix, OCS and Starzplay.

    >> Discover the Canal Series offers <

    Amazon Prime Video

    Amazon Prime Video is one of the latest to come to Spain. The SVOD platform was launched in Spain at the end of 2016 in the most total discretion. However, the service offered by the American online sales giant has advantages.



    Amazon Prime Video was first launched in the United States, then in Europe in December 2016. If the difference between the American catalog and the Spanish catalog was huge in its beginnings, the platform has caught up and now offers a set of films and fairly large series.

    One of the main interests of Amazon Prime Video is to offer access to films and series produced by Amazon. Because the American giant has adopted the same strategy as Netflix. Create its own programs and offer them exclusively on its service. Like Netflix, Amazon relies on quality. And for now, it works.

    The series Mozart in the Jungle or even Transparent were hailed by critics and the public. Amazon films and series are regularly nominated in the various ceremonies (Emmy, Oscar etc.). We will note certain pearls, such as The Man In The High Castle, Hunters, The Boys ou American Gods.

    Also, what's interesting is that Amazon Prime Video is available free of charge to anyone who has subscribed to the Amazon Prime offer on the online store. This subscription of 49 euros per year, or 3,99€/month, offers very interesting advantages for those who order regularly on Amazon. And suddenly access to the video streaming service.


    Like the other services, Amazon Prime Video is available on computer, but also via an Android or iOS application. Offline mode is also included here. Alas, we can't find anything for Android TV or on Apple TV, too bad.

    Note, however, that it is possible to cast via Apple TV or a Chromecast: Amazon has finally reached an agreement with Google to integrate this function, even if it sells a Chromecast competitor, the Fire TV. To put it simply, in most cases, you will have to go through the good old HDMI cable to be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on the TV.

    If the environment remained in English for a while, even after the official launch in France, Amazon ended up adapting to the Spanish market. Also, its interface and user preferences have greatly improved over time.

    We remember, for example, that in its early days, it was necessary to systematically readjust the language of the subtitles each time the service was restarted. All this is just a distant memory: the environment of Amazon Prime has nothing to envy in the face of red and black competition (Netflix!).

    The environment is clear, you have the possibility to define your reading preferences, to define a list of favorites, and even, recently, to create several user profiles (6 in total). This feature is being rolled out and should arrive in Spain soon.


    As explained above, Amazon Prime Video is free to all Amazon Prime members. To access it, you have to pay 49 euros per year, which entitles you to shorter delivery times and better sales conditions. By subscribing to Amazon Prime, the streaming video service is accessible for free. If we had to do a monthly ratio, Amazon Prime Video would be the cheapest service on the market.

    Note also that Prime Video continues to experiment with new ways to subscribe. In India, for example, Amazon has just launched a completely free streaming offer for smartphones.

    WE love

    • His price
    • The quality of Amazon original content
    • offline mode
    • Content available in Ultra HD

    We like less

    • Few compatibilities to watch on a TV
    • Catalog still a little fair, but it is enriched over the months

    Apple TV +

    Apple TV+ is now available with a whole series of new services integrating into the ecosystem of the Cupertino company.


    During the launch keynote, the Cupertino company largely insisted on the many original productions available on his platform Apple TV +. Oprah Winfrey signed a multi-year contract for a talk show and a series. Big names in film and television are associated with the service, such as Sofia Coppola, Jennifer Aniston Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams. A total of $2 billion has reportedly been invested in original content that will be offered at and shortly after launch.

    Apple does not offer programs that it did not create itself., which quickly limits the choice of users. At first glance, the volume of content seems a bit light compared to the competition, it remains to be seen what it is worth in terms of quality.


    In terms of features, we are currently limited to the ecosystem of Apple products, with the exception of certain TVs compatible with the Apple TV application (Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, etc.). It is of course possible to watch Apple TV+ programs on iPhone, iPad, Mac, but also on PC and Android, provided you go through the browser.

    In terms of image quality, Apple offers the ultimate: 4K, HDR10+. All of the content benefits from dubbing in a large number of languages ​​(those of the 100 countries in which the service is available) – and this is also the case for subtitles. iCloud Family Sharing is also available.


    Apple TV+ is available for 4,99 dollars per month. A 7-day trial period is available at launch. If you purchased an Apple product, you get a 3-month trial period. For this, you must imperatively claim it within 3 months of the first configuration of your device via the Apple TV application.

    WE love

    • Original productions like See

    We like less

    • A catalog limited to Apple productions

    HBO Max

    HBO Max has just been announced by its American owner AT&T – it should offer the huge HBO and Warner Media catalog from May 2020 for the most expensive subscription offered so far at $ 14,99 per month .


    HBO Max is on paper one of the most complete offers is premium since we should find more than 10 hours of programming at launch. We should find the entire HBO offer, including Friends, Big Bang Theory, South Park, The Sopranos, Succession, but also Warner Bros films like The Joker.

    A few days ago we also learned that the animated series Rick and Morty would also be there. There would also soon be a spin-off of Game of Thrones (House of Dragon), among other novelties.


    The main advantage of this offer is the quality of the HBO and Warner catalogues. However, this offer has just been announced and many questions remain unanswered for the time being.


    Initially, when it is released in May 2020 in the United States, the subscription will be offered at $14,99 per month. Later, a cheaper offer will be offered, partly financed by advertising. It is not yet known if or when the service will be launched in Spain.

    There is a good chance that this is the case, since sooner or later we will benefit from the same platforms in France – note however the exception, for the moment, of Hulu which has still not landed with us .

    Credits: Pixabay

    What is the best video streaming service?

    To make this comparison, we used all the services offered for several weeks. It is clearly felt that to date, if only one service had to be chosen, Netflix would undoubtedly be the most complete. Its catalog is the most extensive, its films and original series are of high quality (not always we grant you this) and the service evolves regularly.

    Nevertheless, Disney+ has managed to hold its own thanks to a vast catalog of content, ranging from the old cult series to the latest exclusive production. By combining Netflix and Disney+, we achieve a balance that should delight the whole family.


    Amazon Prime Video is clearly outpaced by its competitors at the catalog level. However, keep an eye on the evolution of Amazon Prime Video which could become a must in the next few years. In particular, we are expecting a very big budget Lord of the Rings series. The objective of the American giant is to offer an alternative to Netflix. And to see the high quality of the first original content, we can expect some nice surprises. Same story on the side of Apple TV +, whose catalog is gradually expanding.

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