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    Nintendo wants to teach you how to make your own games with the Video Game Workshop

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    Learning how to create a video game from A to Z while having fun is what the Video Game Workshop on Nintendo Switch will offer. A kind of Super Mario Maker extended to all styles of games and universes. Release scheduled for June 11.

    With Super Mario Maker released on Wii U in 2015 and its sequel available since June 2019 on Switch, Nintendo has already invited players to move on the side of creation by offering them many tools to design their own levels. . This time, the company goes even further by presenting the Video Game Workshop. An invitation to create your own worlds and mini-games by getting started without realizing it in the programming and design of video games (game design).

    Of course, if the concept is attractive, we all know that it can be complicated to get started when faced with a blank page. That's why Nintendo designed the Video Game Workshop not only as a huge sandbox of creativity, but also as a playful training course in game design. Thus, in addition to the Nodons — small characters who will guide the player and embody all the stages of creation — the game will distill seven real programming lessons. practice and learning, but the last stages provide for training that can extend over more than an hour and a half. We obviously hope that they will be as fun as possible so as not to lose the attention of apprentice developers, young or old.

    Nintendo The Video Game Workshop

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    The programming part has of course been designed so as not to reveal the slightest line of intimidating code, and it is by easily associating the various elements that the link is made. A playful approach to programming which is not new, and which can be found in many familiarization programs with this activity, including with toys such as Lego or Sphero.

    No aspect of creation is forgotten

    If we are to believe the explanations provided by the video presentation of the Video Game Workshop, the assisted creation of characters and universes, the assignment of actions and the determination of objectives to be achieved promise to be quite varied in order to obtain original results. Of course, no aspect of video games is left to chance, since we can as well calibrate the gameplay of his character as the sound universe in which he will evolve, in addition to all the elements that make up the levels.

    The goal, with this game, is also to show players the multitude of aspects of creating an interactive universe, and thus allow everyone to experience the countless professions that exist within video game studios. Especially as Nintendo promises, the Video Game Workshop allows you to create all kinds of experiences, ranging from platform games to racing games and fighting games.

    An essential community axis

    Of course, as often with this type of experience, Nintendo will rely on the community to bring this creative workshop to life. Once your game is finished, you can put it online for other players. We can therefore also have fun downloading the games of other budding game designers to try them out, or better, deconstruct them to see how they were made and programmed.

    A very important community aspect which is already working wonders on Super Mario Maker 2, with more than 25 million levels created by the community, and which has made the success of other games such as Little Big Planet or Minecraft, in another register .

    The Video Game Workshop will be released on Nintendo Switch on June 11 and will cost €29,99.

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    Audio Video Nintendo wants to teach you how to make your own games with the Video Game Workshop
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