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    Open streaming videos with VLC on PC and Android

    VLC Media Player is one of the best programs for watching videos on computers Windows, Mac, Linux and also on Android Smartphones and Tablets.
    Its popularity is due to the fact that this software application is capable of playing any type of video or film, of any format, in high or low quality, from DVD, Divx and so on.
    With VLC you can also open and play any video you find on the internet without any need to keep the browser and the Flash player open.

    To watch YouTube videos in VLC Media Player on your computer you just need to go to the menu Media -> Open Network Stream and paste the link or URL of the Youtube video and click Play.
    That's all there is to it and it's a fairly trivial trick known to everyone.

    To open videos from other Flash-based streaming websites instead the question is different because the link taken from the address bar, the URL, may not work on a program like VLC Player.
    In this case it is necessary to extract the link of the video from the code of the page.
    For example you can take a video on Vimeo which may have URL like this:, paste the link in the network stream playback in VLC and find that it doesn't work.
    This is because the video file is hidden in the page code.
    The solution, on Windows PC and Mac, is to use the Maxthon web browser which really provides the easiest way to extract the real link of the streaming videos to be able to save them or play with external programs to browser as VLC on Windows PC and Mac.
    Open the Vimeo video on Maxthon, start the video by pressing Play and notice the button appearing Pop up up.
    Click on Pop-up and, in the new window, click on the Menu to find the "Download video" option.
    Without clicking, move the mouse to Download and then, instead of clicking Save, click Copy URL.
    Then go to VLC, open the network stream and paste the link copied from Maxthon to start playback.
    Of course it is also possible to use another program than VLC and, in another article, the best media players for PC are listed

    VLC is an application that plays streaming videos even on Android devices, tablets and smartphones from Samsung, LG, HTC, NExus, etc.
    You can download it for free VLC for Android from Google Play.
    In this case, for all the websites that may not work because the Flash plugin is missing, there is a solution application.
    Download and install for free on Android And Stream.
    Then open a web page with a video, press and hold on the address bar, copy the link.
    Then open Hubi and, in the top bar, hold down and paste the link and press Play.
    When asked which application to open the video with, choose VLC.
    This procedure also works using other applications to watch videos on Android.
    If you are using Google Chrome on Android, you can simply open the video page, go to the options, then on Share and select Hubi to immediately have the link pasted in the app and be able to open the video in VLC as if it were any file.

    Alternatively, you can also use Veezie, an application that allows you to play streaming videos by indicating the URL of the site where they are located.

    If these methods don't work, it means that videos are protected ed any possibility of being able to see them outside the sites where they are is excluded.

    Open streaming videos with VLC on PC and Android

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