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    Programs to convert PDF to Excel

    Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    One of the most popular PDF conversion programs is Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, available for a fee for Windows and macOS computers. However, it is possible to download the 7-day trial version of this program, so that you can evaluate its main features.

    This program is known for its formidable PDF document management capabilities. In fact, it is possible to create PDFs starting from one of the many formats for compatible documents, modify them in every aspect and also provide for their conversion into other formats. I really want to talk about this last feature that will allow you to convert a PDF file into Excel format, through simple steps.

    First of all, go to the official website of the Adobe manufacturer, via this link. Then click the button vai, which will allow you to enter the section download for free of the trial version. On the next screen, you will need to enter your credentials Adobe ID. If you don't have an Adobe account, click on the wording Create an Adobe ID. Once logged in, you will be redirected to a new page, through which the automatic download of the file will start acrobatproDC_XXX.exe (Windows) or acrobatproDC_XXX.dmg (macOS). Once you have downloaded the execution file, click on it to proceed with the installation.

    At the end of the installation, you will notice that a new icon has appeared on your desktop (Windows) or in your Launchpad (macOS). Then launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC via the button Start Acrobat of the installer window or through its icon. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC will ask you to log in through your own Adobe ID, then click the button Sign in now and enter your credentials. A screen will then appear with the count of the remaining trial days; then press Start trial version to start using the program.

    From the top menu bar, click File> Open and select the PDF file you want to open (alternatively double-click the PDF file to open it directly with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC). The content of your PDF will be visible on the main program screen.

    Then to proceed with the conversion, proceed as follows: click Fillet, located in the horizontal bar at the top left, selects the item Export to> Spreadsheet. Choose now which format to use: Microsoft Excel workbook will convert the file to XLSX or XML Spreadsheet 2003 to convert it to an XML file. Whatever your choice, you can then open the file via Microsoft Excel or other similar programs (LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.).

    Able2Extract Professional

    Another equally effective solution, compared to the previous one I mentioned to you, is Able2Extract Professional. It is also a paid software, but available for free in a trial version lasting 7 days, which allows the conversion of only 3 pages. You can download it from its official website for both Windows, macOS or Linux.

    To use the conversion functionality of Able2Extract Professional, download the installation file from the link I provided, choosing the version of the operating system you prefer, by clicking on one of the green buttons Windows download, macOS Download o Linux Download.

    Once the program is installed on the operating system you are using, open Able2Extract Professional via its icon. Upon startup, a screen for counting the remaining days will appear: then click on Continue trial to start using it. Now click on the button with the at the top left folder symbol to open the file browser and select your PDF.

    In the central screen of the program you will see the content of your PDF, through which you will have to select the elements you want to be exported in Excel format. You can decide whether to select them one by one, select them all using the button at the top All or select text areas using the button at the top Agents.

    Once this has been done, you will now simply have to press one of the conversion buttons at the top; in your specific case, click on Excel button and then Convert. Choose where to save your new file and then click Complete Conversion. Able2Extract Professional will automatically save your PDF in XLSX format to be opened with Microsoft Office or other similar programs.

    If you encounter an error when exporting to Excel, it is probably because Able2Extract Professional does not detect Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. If you have for example OpenOffice or LibreOffice, you can decide to convert the file to ODT. To change the export format click View in the top bar and then up Conversion Options. Select the tab Excel / CSV and check the box OpenOffice Calc near the entry Excel Format.

    PDF to Excel by Flyingbee

    If the applications that I have proposed above are not economically within your reach, I recommend that you download the app PDF to Excel by Flyingbee for your macOS. This application is paid, but there is also a free version that contains advertising and allows the conversion up to a maximum of 2 pages at a time. You can proceed to download the free version through the Mac App Store. Are you interested in this application and can't wait to download it? Continue reading this guide, I will explain how to use it.

    First, you will need to install the app via the link I gave you. Once installed and started, a welcome screen will appear that will advise you to upgrade to the paid version; then close the window by clicking on the button Continue.

    PDF to Excel consists of three sections: the one on the left allows you to see the files you have selected for conversion, the one on the right is the conversion settings screen, the one at the bottom is made up of utility buttons for adding and start exporting the files in Excel format.

    Then add your PDF file by clicking on the button add Files that you find below. As you can see it has been inserted in the left section, of which you can see a preview from the box Preview placed on the right. Now select the final export format, to be chosen from Microsoft Excel (XLSX) o Comma-Separated Values ​​(CSV), via the drop-down menu. Select if you want to export all pages (All Pages) or some very specific ones (I remind you that the trial version allows the extraction of only 2 pages) and the destination folder via the button KATEGORIEN.

    Now everything is ready to convert your PDF to Excel format. The last thing left to do is then press the green button Convert.

    Programs to convert PDF to Excel online

    You are looking for a tool free to convert your PDFs to Excel format and which may not require any installation on your computer? I can then help you. There are so many tools available that allow you to do this without having to pay a license. What you will have to do is open with your browser one of the many links to the services that I will propose below:

    • I Love PDF - is one of the most popular online tools for converting PDF files. It supports uploading PDF files from both your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. Click the button Select PDF file to select your PDF file to upload. Once uploaded, click the button below Convert to Excel and finally on Excel download.
    • Online 2 PDF - unlike the previous one, it supports the multiple selection of multiple PDF files, to make a maximum conversion of several files at a time. To convert, click Select files. Select the conversion mode and format and finally decide whether or not to activate the character recognition mode (OCR). Then click on the red button Convert to start the conversion and automatic download of your new file.
    • PDF to Excel Online - if you want an equally good online PDF to Excel conversion tool, then I recommend this online service developed by Nitro. You will simply have to click on the button Select a file to browse your computer folders and select your PDF file. Enter the email address where you want your copy to be sent in Excel format and finally click on the button Convert now. An email will arrive on your email address, in which you will have to click on the orange button Download the document to download the Excel file of your project.
    Programs to convert PDF to Excel

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