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    Recover data from crashed hard drive

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    Do you transport the hard disk in precarious packaging? You are risking massive damage. Here are 2 mistakes NOT to make if your hard drive has crashed.

    The hard drive is a very fragile device that can be damage easily if not handled with care. We often receive hard drives that have been accidentally dropped onto a solid surface, such as the floor or desk. It is very frustrating to lose important data and information due to one hard disk crash.

    For this reason, if you have external or internal hard drives that need to be transported, you need to use a the packaging correct and reliable. Only in this way can the chances of incurring problems and information loss in the event of an accidental fall of the disk be decreased. It is no coincidence that important IT brands provide detailed information regarding the correct packaging of the media.

    The hard disk consists of three key sections and extremely delicate: the reading heads, the plates and the motor that allows the rotation. Damaging one of these parts is very easy if you are not careful in the transport phases. Sudden oscillations and violent impacts of the casing or the packaging in which the media is shipped can cause serious problems.


    Most frequent mistakes

    99% of customers who contact us after doing drop the hard drive, they make one of these mistakes:

    • They turn on the disc to verify operation
    • They open the hard drive

    The first mistake, that is to connect the hard disk to the PC and turn it on, can cause enormous damage. If the head is damaged during the fall, thus compromising its operation, you risk completely scratching the disc. In this circumstance the motor works, the disc turns and the head scratches it in all its parts. This kind of damage is very serious and you risk losing your data.

    Another case may be the blocking of the engine due to a fall. In this situation the block could be caused by the movement of the head that does not allow the disc to spin.

    The second mistake, that is, opening the hard drive, is certainly the most serious of all. Some people do not know that opening the hard disk irreversibly compromises the media. In fact, the disc can only be opened in a clean room and by qualified personnel in order not to cause further damage by dirtying the surface of the dishes.

    After the disc falls, it is preferable to lightly shake the stand to hear if there are any clicking and clicking noises. In this case it is always advisable not to turn on the support, and it is necessary to turn to professionals for an accurate analysis.

    Modern discs can have a protection system integrated. In practice, when the hard disk is turned on and fails to carry out the correct alignment of the heads, the device automatically blocks the rotation of the disk to prevent damage. In this case it is necessary to intervene inside the support to solve the fault.


    Recovering data from a crashed hard drive: conclusions

    It has it special packaging capable of protecting hard drives in most accidental drops. When transporting the hard disk we only use packaging specifically designed to ensure maximum reliability, obtaining a high degree of safety in the delivery phases of the devices.

    If your hard drive has been accidentally dropped and you want to recover your data, you can contact us for advice. It is highly not recommended to try to fix the hard disk if you are not an expert. It is advisable to contact qualified people who will open the hard disk in the clean room, repairing or replacing the mechanical components, if necessary.

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