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    Repair a damaged hard drive

    Has your hard drive failed? has a lot of spare parts, to repair it and recover your data.

    Repair a damaged hard drive

    The hard disk is a mechanical storage medium, consisting of several internal parts extremely sensitive and delicate. Before going to analyze what may be the problems related to repairing a hard disk, it is important to define which are the parts that can most suffer damage.

    There are gods inside the HDD dishes, where data and information are written. The surface of the cymbals is very delicate, and even a single speck of dust could inevitably compromise the functioning of the disc. For this reason, clean rooms are used in case the device is opened.

    Le heads allow you to read and write dishes. A violent impact, such as from a sudden fall of the hard disk, can cause misalignment of the heads. In this case the heads may touch the surface of the internal plates, causing the detachment of the magnetic storage layer. This layer covers the platters, and once removed it makes it practically impossible to read and write the disc. This type of damage is called Head Crash.

    Il engine which allows you to spin the plates, is composed of various components, such as coils, bearings and the rotation axis. Strong vibrations, machine impacts and high temperatures can damage bearings and other parts of the motor.

    Repair a damaged hard drive

    Each hard drive also consists of one electronic part, that is a printed circuit that allows the correct feeding of the support. Any voltage fluctuations can cause enormous damage to the electronic board, generating failures in the welds and electrical components.


    The basics of repairing a hard drive

    As you can guess, hard drives can suffer numerous physical damages that compromise the correct functioning of the device, with a loss of data.

    repair a broken hard drive, the compatibility of the various internal components must be taken into account. In many cases it is not so easy to replace the mechanical or electronic parts, in fact it is necessary to select components that are perfectly compatible with the faulty device in order not to cause damage to the data stored on the disk.

    In this sector it is essential to have numerous Disk Donor, or particular non-functioning donor discs that have parts inside them that are still good and valid to be used in other discs. In practice, the Disk Donor may have the heads, the motor or the electronic card still fully functional and usable on others damaged discs to be repaired.

    Before proceeding with the replacement of a component inside the HDD, it is important to pay attention to the compatibility between the donor disk and the disk to be repaired. Many parameters should be checked, including: brand, model number, PCB revision, serial number, manufacturing date, country of manufacture, firmware, DCM code, Head map parameter.

    Some of these values ​​usually are not indicated on the disc label, but you need to retrieve them through specific software.

    Repair a damaged hard drive


    Donor: sale and research of donor discs

    To fix a damaged hard drive, there is a need to have a large number of donor discs and internal components available. has about 35000 media that can be used for repair broken discs, making them functional again to recover the data. Thanks to our great experience in repairing hard drives, we can fix a hard drive using numerous internal parts from donor drives.

    he is also developing the project Donor, the first European portal completely dedicated to the sale and search of hard disk donatori. Companies, partners and franchises will be able to search and purchase donor disks in order to successfully repair customers' hard disks.


    Repair a failed hard drive: conclusions

    In this article we have seen which are the most delicate parts of the hard drive and which precautions to take before replacing a mechanical or electronic component. The importance of having donor disks can make a real difference in hard disk repair and data recovery.

    If your hard drive has suffered a physical damage and you want to repair it and recover the data, contact us for advice.

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