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    See private profiles on Facebook (trick)

    Look at the profile of your contacts, read what they write, who they message with, what friends they have, look at the photographs and so on. is every spy's dream.
    Going to update this old article from 2009 we are going to find out today that if it is true that every trick to see inside the private Facebook profiles is basically a bluff, it is also true that many people ignore, themselves, what they shared on Facebook and with whom.
    After so many years since we signed up, even if Facebook remains an important and positive vehicle for information and sharing, many people still ignore its power and the fact that automatically, once you share something or press a "like" "or you accept a friendship, you send information that is cataloged and stored.
    And if it turns out that it is also possible to search on Facebook to find any information about anyone, even non-friends, even private profiles, the question can make you shiver or be more interesting depending on your point of view.

    It's about the site Stalkscan, which is by no means a hoax or bluff, which works to seek out private information about any friend or non-friend.
    The trick of this particular site is simply to organize in a simple way all the possibilities and operators, unknown to almost anyone, of the Facebook search engine, the real one that cannot even be activated in In your language.
    I had already talked about this type of research in the guide on how to search on Facebook.
    Stalkscan, with this somewhat creepy name, Stalkscan, can be used to search for all publicly available information pertaining to any Facebook user.
    Among this information it will therefore also be possible to discover non-visible data on profiles and, above all, photographs in which people have been tagged, those on which I like you, those commented even many years ago.
    To use Stalkscan just enter the URL of the Facebook user profile and press the Enter key.
    All the data that the site extracts is not taken illegally or through a hacker trick, it is simply taken from that search engine that Facebook does not make available in the city, but that exists and works.
    Each data can be viewed directly from the Facebook pages, by pressing one of the filters at the bottom.
    You can then see data about the profile, friends, interests, tags and photos, comments, likes, places and other things.
    Also, the first section, the Options section, are search filters that you can use to find items of only a certain type.

    PLEASE NOTE: By trying Stalkscan with your profile you will be able to review all your personal information without any limitations.
    This is because of our profile we can see everything, of course it is.
    With the private profiles of friends or acquaintances or non-friends the information will clearly be less.
    To see how other people see our profile, you must instead use the button with three dots on our Facebook profile, the one next to the activity log and then click on View As.

    NOTE 2: As you have learned, you can search for old Facebook status updates, even other friends if they were public, and with another really nifty trick, see every person's hidden photos on Facebook.
    Also, you can always follow people on Facebook without being friends (you can try to follow mine from my profile).
    Facebook is also the best site for Finding people and photos by searching for their name.

    Another great extension to find out all about friends and every person registered on Facebook è Secret Revealer, for Firefox.
    To use this application, open the profile of the person you want to know everything about, then press the extension button and click Search. Once you have located the profile ID number, click on Start and then check all the secret sections of Facebook for that profile, which are basically the search pages. You will then be able to see all the photos in which he is present, in which he is tagged (even those he has not published on his profile), all the places he has been, the pages liked, the comments made, friends, relatives and everything. how much.

    The rest of this article remains what I wrote in 2009.

    Is it therefore possible to view the private profile of any Facebook user?
    Given that it is impossible to know who is looking at the profile, many may be curious about look at another person's personal page that is not included in your contacts and among friends. If in fact it is obviously possible to spy on the profiles of the added users, it is not possible instead to look at the Facebook page of all the others and therefore to see their friends, their photos, their status and their messages. Privacy it is a topic that Facebook would like to be very careful about, too bad that its subscribers want to be spied on and to be little careful ...
    Whatever the reason for seeing other people's business, let's see what are the most popular tactics for spies, mostly to defend themselves from attacks on their privacy.

    First of all, I state that a computer "hack" to enter private pages does not exist and even if it were discovered, it would last very little so you can be absolutely calm about this; if someone said otherwise, they would only do it to frighten and make fun of. Some time ago they were also out two applications to show the photos of all Facebook subscribers: Seegugio and Photo Stalker.

    The tricks, on the other hand, are done socially, using a little bit of petty psychology, cunning, with a little patience and using very subtle techniques.

    1) The simplest move when someone wants to see a private profile and to ask for friendship and add it to their contacts.
    Clearly, if the target to be spied on uses Facebook to communicate with his friends, he will hardly accept, if instead he is one with two thousand or more contacts, one more or one less, it will not make any difference. In the event that the target is attentive to their privacy then, whoever wants to peek at his page with all the details, must pass himself off as someone else. When you search for someone using the friend search or looking at the contact list of someone who is already in your network, by clicking on the image or on his name, some options are presented depending on the level of privacy set by this. Of course, the option is always active send a private message and it is there that, a good one, can fool anyone who is not careful or who has little memory.
    The point is, some profiles not set with full privacy, become readable temporarily, if, after sending them a message, they reply. You can thus look at general information, information relating to work, studies and the friends list.
    The most common message to deceive is like this: “Hi, we went to school together, do you remember me?” The moment the victim replies, “I don't remember, forget it”, in that moment, yes has temporary access to see a part of his profile.

    2) The second method, more elaborate and effective studied by social network experts, is what is called "Resurrecting the undead". Scrolling through the friends of the victim to be spied, clicking on view friends which in general is always left enabled, you have to look carefully at their photos. Among the friends, there will for sure be some of these who have not uploaded his photo and who presents himself with the face of a gray and faceless person.
    Most likely, these are friends of the target, and the fact that they haven't uploaded the image means they don't use Facebook often and access it very rarely. So, if you come up with this person's name, the private profile to be spied on will never recognize the difference between the real contact and the spy. To be precise and not to give rise to too many doubts, we take note of about 20 names of friends, favoring, if any, those that this stranger with the gray face has in common with the unfortunate. Now the immoral spy, he can go to the main Facebook page and sign up using the same name as his friend without an image with an anonymous and temporary email account (see posts on the topic Anonymous and antispam emails, to learn more).
    Once logged into this bogus account, he can ask for friendship from all previously marked names plus someone else at random.
    Nine times out of ten, it is human nature to assume that the message you receive on Facebook from a known name is actually real and, without thinking too much, hardly refuses to add the bogus as a friend. After accumulating a good list of names, including several contacts in common with the victim, this has no more escape and, when the notification appears that the false friend wants to add him, he will accept without asking questions.

    3) third method, the most sneaky, is to sign up for Facebook with any name and put the photo of a beautiful girl taking one of a not very famous model or actress. If the target is a male, he will surely accept the friendship of a beautiful woman while if you want to add a girl to your contacts, you can try putting a photo of a model in casual clothing and posing. Note that this is also a popular trick to blackmail people.

    So how can we defend ourselves from these privacy attacks?

    In this regard, I highly recommend reading the guide to the Privacy settings on Facebook.

    In another article it is written how to block a contact or a friends list on Facebook chat to go offline and not be seen.

    Obviously then it always takes care and attention not to fall into traps like these or others that at the moment I can't even imagine.
    By activating the control on the Facebook profile and tags, you get additional protection that will prevent insults and defamations.

    Consider that Facebook becomes a useful tool if aimed at achieving a purpose that can be of a social, professional or pure pastime to play. You don't have to write everything about yourself, but only what you need to achieve the goal you set yourself. For example, a professional profile should be written almost as if it were a resume and would be totally public to advertise; a completely personal profile with very private information, on the other hand, must be absolutely protected from strangers.

    See private profiles on Facebook (trick)

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