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    Smoothie or fruit juice? The Moulinex BlendForce 2-in-1 LM42Q does both!


    Moulinex plays the versatility card with the BlendForce 2-in-1 LM42Q. At the cost of installing an accessory in the bowl, you go from a blender which can only make smoothies to a centrifuge which allows you to make fruit juices.

    Moulinex BlendForce 2-en-1 LM42Q

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    To prepare a drink from solid food, a blender uses its blades which will rotate at high speed to pulverize the food and mix it with other more fluid ingredients such as yogurt, milk, or fruit juice. . This method works well for making smoothies, but it is totally unsuitable for extracting fruit juice. Apples, oranges, pears, grapes... passed through a blender come out in the form of a mush unsuitable for consumption, containing particles of seeds, pits (if they have not been removed) and skin.

    The BlendForce 2-in-1 LM42Q in juicer mode. © Moulinex

    To overcome this problem and prevent fruit juice and smoothie consumers from having to equip themselves with two different devices to satisfy their two desires, Moulinex has provided an accessory to be attached in place of the bowl of its BlendForce 2-in-1 blender. 42 LMXNUMXQ. The block of blades gives way to a grid rotating at high speed like on centrifuges, and you can therefore prepare apple juice without liquid ingredients and without being afraid of finding bits of pips in your drink.

    The containers can be disassembled to clean them thoroughly. © Moulinex

    Apart from this addition, the BlendForce 2-in-1 LM42Q is one of the most classic blenders with a power of 600 watts, which seems a bit tight for crushing the hardest foods like Brazil nuts or even ice cubes. Turning the dial to the right selects one of the two speeds offered. And by turning it to the left, the pulse function is activated which makes the blades rotate at maximum speed as long as the pressure is maintained.

    If we refer to the technical sheet, the classic bowl reaches a total volume of 2 liters, for a useful volume of 1,25 liters. It is made of plastic, which makes it lighter than a glass container, but also more prone to scratches. Inside, there is a strong knife with 6 blades (Powelix system) to mix the ingredients as well as possible. Note that the bowl is completely removable for easy maintenance. This is also the case for the centrifuge accessory and it is therefore possible to remove the smallest food debris without too much difficulty.

    Due to its limited technologies, the Moulinex BlendForce 2-in-1 LM42Q Blender is already available for a limited price. Indeed, it can be found for 70 €.

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