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    Snap Map: How to Use Snapchat's Map to Locate Friends

    Snap Map is a map that allows you to access the location of your friends on Snapchat. This feature can be useful in many ways, the goal being to strengthen the social bond between users. But not everyone takes a positive view of her for obvious reasons which have to do with security and privacy. And luckily, it's possible to choose who has access to your location or just turn the feature off.

    It is interesting to see friends when they post Snaps of their outings, their parties or what they do every day. Constantly seeking to strengthen the possibilities offered by its application, Snapchat has been implementing a functionality for a while. geolocation on an interactive map. Users can see the location on Snapchat of their friends, in addition to knowing what kind of activity they are doing but also where they are, all thanks to the map. Snap Map.

    Snapchat location: how to use Snap Map, the interactive map

    First of all, you must be aware of the dangers that can arise from this functionality. It really allows access to the location of users, but also the places from which they post photos and videos. When this novelty was announced, many people sounded the alarm to point out the dangers that this could represent, in particular for the safety of users.

    These are the same criticisms that led to the withdrawal of the Instagram card a few years ago. Because yes, the Snap Map is not a new invention. Before Snapchat, Instagram already offered a similar feature which was simply removed to the chagrin of those who used it often. For now, those who wish can activate and use the Snapchat card.

    But it should be noted that with Snap Map, you have the possibility of restricts sharing your location to only a few of your friends. The flexibility is also much greater since, on the other hand, you can open your location to the public. In other words, thanks to signage similar to that of a heatmap, users can see places in their city and around the world where Snaps are posted, with the possibility of seeing places of interest nearby.

    How to locate your friends using the Snap Map?

    • Open Snapchat, put two fingers on the screen and perform a pinch gesture as if to "zoom out"
    • The map opens automatically, but asks for the activation of Android location if it is not already
    • Once geolocation is activated, you access the Snap Map. This displays the position of your friends who have activated the location in addition to showing flashing signals to see the Snaps posted around you

    To access privacy options to restrict the visibility of your location on the Snap Map

    • Tap the gear icon (Settings) in the upper right corner of the screen. Check the option "Ghost mode". When enabled, your friends cannot see your location
    • To open access to your location to one or more friends, turn off ghost mode and press “Select friends” in the “Who can see my location” section below.

    Finally, note that the interactive Snap Map is also accessible in web version from any browser.

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