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    The best way to backup your summer photos

    Have you taken a lot of photos during the holidays? Here's how to make a full backup so you don't lose them.

    The best way to backup your summer photos

    Among the main files that are lost during a hard disk or USB pen drive malfunction, there are certainly personal photos. As we have seen in the infographic of the most important files to recover, photos are among the most requested files during recovery. The images taken on vacation are undoubtedly a memory to keep, and for this reason we at Infolab Data want to indicate which are the best ways to save your photos, avoiding di lose him.

    Making a backup is essential to prevent data loss. The backup your photos it can be performed using different methodologies. Below are three solutions to do an image save.

    • External hard disk
    • Cloud
    • CD - DVD

    The first way involves using a external hard disk. It is undoubtedly the most practical choice, because having an external hard drive on which to save files is really very convenient and fast. It is advisable to use a hard disk with USB 3.0 (if the PC is compatible), in order to have a higher transfer speed and therefore speed up the passage of data. The cost of an external drive is not high, and it can be useful for making a full system backup.

    When taking pictures with your smartphone, if file synchronization is enabled, the pictures are automatically uploaded to the cloud. It is a virtual space, which allows you to save a copy of the files so as not to lose the photos in case of failure on the smartphone. Furthermore, the cloud avoids running out of smartphone memory. If the images are taken with a camera, you can use a free cloud service where you can upload the photos. In this way you can save the files on an online space and have a complete backup of the images.

    The best way to backup your summer photos

    Finally it is possible backup your vacation photos even on a CD or DVD, depending on the size. This solution is now obsolete, as optical media can degrade over time. Furthermore, CDs and DVDs are less and less used, because the practical USB sticks are now used, which are much more durable and with a lot of space available.

    Ultimately, if you want to save the images and then the memories of summer, it is better to use an external hard drive or upload images to the cloud. This way you get an isolated backup from your PC, and even in the event of a sudden system failure, you can always recover photos from the external device.

    Backing up your summer photos: conclusions

    If you haven't followed these tips and have lost your photos, you can contact us for advice. We can recover images from any device, even from the camera memory or from the external memory card.

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