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    The PC does not turn on, possible causes

    Your computer won't turn on? Here are some reasons that could cause it to fail to boot.

    When you turn on your PC, it may happen that you have no start signal. The reasons why the computer does not turn on they can be varied, and depending on the problems encountered, it is necessary to check the correct functioning of the peripherals. In this article, there are some causes that may be preventing your computer from starting up.

    Before contacting the technicians, you can check if your PC is affected by one of the following problems.

    1. Check the power cables

    It may seem trivial, but often for distraction you forget to connect the electric socket, or the power supply button usually located on the back of the PC does not light up. This button allows you to turn on the power supply and operate the computer.

    Another cable problem could be a faulty or not turned on power strip. If it is faulty it is important to replace it with a new one to avoid possible problems with the PC that could cause damage to the other peripherals of the system.

    2. Check if the monitor is working properly

    In some cases, damage to the monitor can occur. In these circumstances the PC starts up, but it doesn't seem to work because the monitor shows a totally black screen. You can check the operation by connecting the PC to another monitor, and ascertain the failure of the display.

    3. The PC emits beeps

    Beeps are beeps emitted from a computer speaker. They serve to signal a boot problem of the system, and are usually generated by the motherboard. They indicate a failure or malfunction of the peripherals, for example they can indicate a failed RAM bank, a CPU problem, or other causes.

    Beeps can vary depending on the type of problem. To understand the fault it is necessary to read the instructions of your motherboard, which also indicate the explanations associated with each type of BIP.

    4. The hard disk does not work

    If the PC fans are working, the monitor shows the initial stages but the operating system does not appear, there may be a hard disk failure. In these cases the hard disk data is inaccessible and you need to understand the damage of the hard disk. If you do not have the necessary skills, it is best to contact data recovery experts to be able to recover the files inside and resolve any mechanical failures of the media.

    The PC does not turn on, possible causes: conclusions

    This article has shown all the main reasons why a PC won't turn on. In this way you can check for any problems, going to solve them and repairing the computer. However, if there are serious problems, it is better to consult with experts to be able to recover the data. can intervene on both hard disk and SSD, identifying the problem and in the worst cases recovering the files from the storage medium.

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