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    The "Donors" or also called "Donors" ....... the spare parts to recover your Hard Disk Drive.

    The "Donors" or also called "Donors" ....... the spare parts to recover your Hard Drive

    As many of you know, the hard drive we have inside our PC or Notebook can break or get damaged. In a hard drive, several components can be broken or damaged, including the electronic board or the head of the drive.

    What is the head?

    Inside the Hard Disk there are magnetic disks on which the information contained in our Hard Disk is written through a head. The latter writes on the magnetic plates of the disk using magnetism and never comes into contact with the disk plates that rotate inside the hard disk. The head can be damaged for various reasons, it can be damaged in the electronic operation, for example in case of a power surge or in the most common cases it is damaged after a fall or impact of the hard disk.

    When the head is damaged, it can cause various damages to the disk by touching the platters which, as mentioned above, rotate at 7200 RPM or better, at 70 km / h. The contact of the head with the plates causes enormous damage as it drags the disc or in the worst case breaks it completely.

    Once the cartridge has ruined the cymbals, it is almost certain that the latter is also damaged. At this point it is necessary to resort to a professional hard drive data recovery.

    To perform data recovery from a hard disk with a broken head, the first thing we must do is to find a Donor or Donor, a disk that works and has production characteristics identical in all respects to the damaged disk. Only after we have found this disk and replaced the head using a clean room procedure, it is possible to start the hard disk data recovery procedure.

    Donors are nothing but hard drives that have the main components such as electrical board or PCB, head and motor still in working order. We can define them as spare parts for our Hard Drive.

    In the automotive market, when we need a spare part, we turn to a "relief truck" in data recovery, as tens of thousands of hard drive models produced each year become much more difficult. The sources of search for these supports are many including the web where we can find some companies specializing in the sale of Donors. Today there are 2 companies in the world that have started archiving and selling donors a few years ago. One thing is certain, even these companies can not guarantee the availability of all models of hard drives on the market.

    For years now, it has been one of the first companies in Europe to create its own internal Donor warehouse from which to draw in case of need. The strength of the donor supply lies in having laboratories all over the world. This is the key to the group's success, being able to count on several geolocated warehouses around the world from which to draw in case of need of heads or PCBs for data recovery.

    To date, between the European and South American laboratories, the group has more than 25,000 Donors present in the worldwide database.

    The advantage of this organization is to be able to guarantee the delivery of the donor to each laboratory in less than 24 hours in case of need. Normally buying on the web or in the best suppliers of the sector, the average time is 72 hours. In these cases, time is a predominant bribe because if the receipt of the support is delayed, it means that the delivery times of the recovery to the client are exponentially lengthened.

    In many cases it is precisely these delays that create the biggest problems for the end customer. is the reliable partner in the market for data recovery response times.

    This small organization is able to guarantee the irecovery group's clients a high level of professionalism and quality in the processing times of a hard drive data recovery.

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