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    The hard disk does not turn on: possible causes

    Is your internal or external hard drive not turning on? Here are some causes that could compromise its functioning.

    The hard disk does not turn on: possible causes

    Hard disk problems can be many. If your hard drive does not turn on, you risk not being able to access your data, losing important information. In case of both internal and external HDD, the main causes of a malfunction they can be multiple. Let's look at the main problems by defining some solutions.

    If the hard drive is internal, one of the causes of the boot failure could be a software problem. In these cases, a partition on the hard drive where the operating system resides could be corrupted. Therefore the disc turns on, but the operating system may have been affected by a virus or a software problem that damaged the system boot, preventing the PC from starting.

    You can restore the boot generally using the Windows installation disc, or in the event of a virus, eliminate the threat and repair the boot with specific software. This way you can recover files from the hard disk.

    Another cause could be the damage to the heads of reading. The heads allow you to read the data on the HDD and, if they are compromised perhaps following a fall, there is a risk that the disk will turn on but not be able to read the data. Even in these cases the operating system does not start, and the intervention of technicians specialized in repairing hard disks is required.

    The hard disk does not turn on: possible causes

    In fact it is advisable to open the disk and replace the heads by taking them from an identical disk. In this way thehard disk reads the data again. Obviously this operation must be carried out in a clean room or in a more practical laminar flow hood, in order not to contaminate the disc with dust particles, static electricity and humidity.

    If the disk it just doesn't start, the PCB plate may be damaged. Also in these cases it is advisable to contact experts in the sector, who can repair the damage. Often people tend to change the plate for a similar one, but this could irreversibly damage the support due to an incompatible plate.

    In other circumstances the disc may ignite, but the engine may be faulty. Again it is necessary to open the hard disk and replace or repair the engine to retrieve archived files.

    Hard disk does not turn on: conclusions

    As we have seen in this article, there can be multiple causes to determine the hard disk does not turn on. Do not attempt to troubleshoot if you are inexperienced, you could cause further damage to the drive by losing the data on it forever.

    Hardware or software problems can be solved by a team of experts such as i professionals of , which thanks to the adequate structures to be able to open a hard disk and the most modern technologies in the data recovery sector, can recover files from any device.

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