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    Improve corporate cybersecurity

    How can you improve your company's cybersecurity? Here are what steps to take.

    The advent of new technologies and new backup systems, such as the online cloud, allow companies to develop even in your country. During the conference "Cybercrime and Data Security" organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, it was illustrated that every year 9 billion euros are lost due to cyber attacks, such as cybercrime, phishing and ransomware.

    Online threats are certainly nothing new, especially ransomware has grown exponentially in recent years, causing enormous damage to companies and individuals. These are particular viruses that criptano i file and hold them hostage until a ransom is paid.

    The real reason why companies and individuals have suffered huge damage, it is because there is a tendency to underestimate the danger and corporate cybersecurity, mistakenly thinking that it is difficult and rare to be infected by malware. Therefore no data backups are created and also the employees who deal with the management of emails are not trained. In fact i more powerful viruses they are usually transmitted via e-mail attachments, very well disguised, and it is not always easy to notice, especially if the person who manages the emails is not expert and aware of the risks involved in opening an attachment.


    Is your business safe from cybercrime?

    To determine if a business is safe from cybercrime and network threats, it is important to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

    • If a virus encrypts your company data today, can you still work?
    • If your corporate network is attacked, will it withstand the attack?
    • If important data is lost, do you know who to contact to recover it?

    If these questions have aroused in you fear and trepidation, it means that your company is probably not safe and a series of steps must be taken to prevent any future problems.

    guarantees 360-degree solutions to prevent cyber attacks, recover any data that has already been lost and offering you a corporate protection plan.


    Corporate IT Security: Prevention

    To to prevent data loss, offers cloud solutions where you can store all data in a safe and reliable way. In this way, even if computers are compromised, company data is always safe in the cloud thanks to a backup of all the most important information and files.

    To prevent attacks to the computer network, carries out advanced Penetration Testing. In practice it is possible to simulate a hacker attack on the computer system, both internal and external to the network, to evaluate the solidity of the structure.

    For example, they can simulate attacks to the company website to discover security flaws and bugs, or you can test the stability of the servers, notebooks and desktop PCs used in the company.

    Thanks to Penetration Testing, the fall software, going to check the degree of security of the applications installed on the system. At the end of the test, a report is generated, which illustrates all the critical points of the structure, with the activities and investments necessary to enhance and improve the security of the network.


    Corporate IT Security: Data Recovery and Digital Forensics

    If your business has already been attacked by a cyber threat and you have lost data and important documents, can help you recover compromised files with the most modern Data Recovery techniques. Information recovery can be done on any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, SSD, RAID, DVR, etc.

    If valuable computer data has been stolen and you want to clarify what happened, it is able to perform aforensic investigation on hacked devices, thanks to the latest Digital Forensics strategies. In this way it is possible to discover the responsibility for what happened, establishing the culprit who stole the data, which could also be the internal staff of the company.


    Corporate IT Security: Complete Plan

    To protect your business in the digital environment and always guarantee high security standards, it offers a comprehensive business protection to protect any computing device. Thanks to the IPSP service (Protection Service Plan) for the insurance of computer data, you are protected from the cancellation and loss of information.


    How to protect corporate data: conclusions

    To protect the corporate data security and above all to avoid the loss of important information, provides the best services and the most sophisticated solutions for: archiving files in the cloud, performing penetration testing, recovering corrupt files, performing a forensic analysis, preventing damage with the IPSP service.

    You can contact us at this form to get all the information you need to finally start protect your business from the many dangers of the network and safeguard your data, before it's too late.

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