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    The main mechanical problems of a hard drive

    Has your hard drive crashed or is it making strange noises? Here is what mechanical problems can be.

    THEhard drive it is a delicate component, which must not suffer bumps or falls during its life. Inside there are multiple mechanical components that move in a precise and orderly way. If there is a violent impact or a sudden fall, you seriously risk compromising its mechanics, and data could be lost.

    For this reason, attention must be paid especially to external hard drives, which can be easily moved from one place to another, and therefore more subject to shocks or accidental falls. When mechanical damage occurs, there can be several malfunctions of the hard drive. For example, the drive may no longer be recognized by the operating system and the data may no longer be accessible.

    Furthermore, any mechanical noises can be perceived depending on the type of damage suffered. Some are listed below mechanical damage of a hard drive.

    Damaged heads

    The heads allow the reading of data and are located at one very small distance than the surface of the disc. When a drop or a strong impact occurs, the print head may stop working, causing repetitive noise.

    In more serious circumstances the heads could bump on the disc, causing enormous damage to its surface. In such a case, the disc may be scratched and data may be permanently lost.

    Contaminated heads

    When you open a hard drive outside of a clean room or laminar flow hood, the drive is destroyed. The reason is simple, the dust settles on the surface of the disc and as soon as it is turned on, the heads hit the dust particles at a very high speed, causing damage.

    In fact, we must not forget that the hard disk runs at a speed that can even reach 10000 rotations per minute. At this speed, a speck of dust in contact with a head can seriously damage and destroy the hard drive.

    Scooter not working

    To be able to turn, the disc consists of an electric motor. If this component has been damaged as a result of an accidental fall, the disk does not work. It is therefore necessary to open the hard disk in special laminar flow hoods and replace the motor with a new compatible and functional model.

    Mechanical problems of a hard drive: conclusions

    These three problems are very common when a hard drive suffers a crash. To avoid losing data it is always important to make a backup of your information, both own internal hard disk than the external one. This way if the disk is damaged, the information can be recovered and the data saved.

    If your hard drive is not working and is making particular suspicious noises, you can contact us for advice. We can recover the data and replace the damaged mechanical parts to restore the correct functioning of the hard disk.

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