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    TikTok: how to change or reset your password

    Have you lost your TikTok password or want to change it for fear of having your account hacked? Don't worry, the video and social network platform has it all covered. Here's how to do it, step by step.

    TikTok: how to change or reset your password

    Available internationally for only two years, TikTok has quickly established itself as one of the most popular social networks in the world. The one who matters today more than 800 million users active every month has become essential among young people (but not only…?). Due to a huge security breach discovered in 2020, hackers were able to gain access to the accounts of TikTokers and TikTokers around the world.

    And even if the platform quickly filled the loophole in question, the fact remains that the hackers were able to connect instead of the users of the service. To make sure that a hacker does not log in for you, better then change your password as quickly as possible. Especially if you use the same password on other sites or log into your computer or smartphone.

    Another school case: your account may not have been hacked, but you simply forgot your password ? Again, like any self-respecting web platform, TikTok offers everything you need to reset your precious sesame, then modify it on the online service. Here's how to do it.

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    How to change your TikTok password

    • Start by pressing the button Moi located at the bottom right of the main page.
    • You should arrive on the page allowing you to manage your account and which lists your subscriptions, your subscribers, etc. Click on the three small buttons at the top right of this page
    • Click on the Manage account function, then press the option Password.
    TikTok: how to change or reset your password
    • Enter a phone number valid if your WhatsApp account is not associated with any number.
    • You should then receive an SMS with a 4-digit code. Enter them.
    • The next screen offers you to create your new password. Enter it (try to find a complex code to guess) and you're done. Note that you will need to find a password using between 8 and 20 characters including at least two of the following categories: letters, numbers and special characters.
    TikTok: how to change or reset your password

    How to reset your TikTok password

    • When launching the application, TikTok offers you to connect using different methods (phone / e-mail / username, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram). Click on Use phone / email / username.
    • On the next page, click Forgot your password?
    • Then enter phone number or email address associated with your account.
    • Enter the 4-digit code that you have just received
    • You can now reset your password. As explained previously, you will need to use a complex password to protect yourself from account hacking attempts.
    TikTok: how to change or reset your password


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