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    Towards a WebOS 2 update on 2014 LG TVs

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    While WebOS 2.0 is embedded in all LG TVs planned for 2015, the brand announced in January that it did not intend to update its previous TVs with the new OS. Good news though: it looks like she's changed her mind.

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    Indeed, FlatPanelsHD would have received confirmation, from an internal source at LG, of the deployment of the WebOS 2 interface, in a free and transparent way, for the owners of televisions released in 2014. Basically, LG does not did not intend to make an update, arguing that the 2.0 of WebOS referred to the new processors embedded in the more powerful 2015 televisions.

    However, during our test of the 65UF850V, we did not find the interface so far from the old one. Admittedly, it is a little livelier and has the famous “MyChannels” shortcut which references favorite channels as well as a new settings menu, but nothing that seems insurmountable for processors capable of handling the previous version of WebOS.

    It is in any case a good initiative on the part of LG, which will take the form of a free update for the devices concerned later in the year, without further details.

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