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    Twitch: this streamer called Squid Game loses her job because of the Netflix series

    A Twitch streamer called Squid Game is suffering from the success of Netflix's homonymous series. According to her, the enthusiasm around the series made her lose part of her job. To stem the surge of hateful messages on her accounts, she is even considering the idea of ​​changing her name. 

    Lydia Ellery, a 32-year-old British streamer popular on Twitch, has lost several professional opportunities because of Squid Game, Netflix's event series. For more than 11 years, long before the creation of the series, the young woman has indeed been called “Squid Game” on the web, whether on Twitch, Instagram or Twitter.

    As our colleagues from the BBC report, many companies no longer want to collaborate with the streamer so as not to be associated with Netflix's ultra-violent series. Yet she counts over 42 subscribers on Twitch and is part of Yogscast, a collective enjoying over seven million YouTube subscribers. “I guess that's the overtones of the show – it's a very violent show, maybe that's it?” imagines Lydia Ellery.

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    Squid Game fans harass streamer

    Worse, many Internet users seem convinced that Lydia Ellery appropriated the name of Squid Game to surf on the monster success of the Netflix series. The streamer has been inundated with hate messages since the show aired. “I received a lot of hate from fans and I was refused for work because of it”, testifies Lydia Ellery.

    “I started getting abusive messages from people. People were getting mad at me for being mega fans…and thinking I took the show account. I had to turn off notifications on my Instagram because it was just constant. My phone was flooded”, regrets the young British.

    Some individuals have gone so far as to attempt to hack streamer accounts. “People were reporting my account and countless people tried to hack into my account, I still get emails from people trying to log in,” the XNUMX-year-old continues.

    Back to the wall, Lydia Ellery plans to change name, despite years of working on the referencing of its content on Google. "If you're looking for me and my brand, which I've had for over 10 years...all you get is the TV show," the streamer says, frustrated with the situation.

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