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    Watch Youtube videos in 3D with goggles, also in HTML5

      Who has the possibility and the right multimedia system, can try to watch Youtube videos streamed in HTML5, in 3D.
      The videos that can be seen in 3D on computer monitors or on suitable TVs are many and various types of three-dimensional videos are also available, depending on the hardware possibilities.

      I requirements to see 3D videos in HTML5 are, for the moment, quite restrictive, at least according to what is written by YouTube itself: You need the Google Chrome or Firefox browser, you need a computer with an NVidia video card with the latest version of the driver installed on the pc and a 3D Vision screen.

      Alternatively you can always try Youtube 3d from your smartphone, using only a 3D viewer like the Google Cardboard.

      If you have the requirements of Nvidia (or just out of curiosity), you can try the 3D vision of the many Youtube videos available.
      The Nvidia 3D vision Live webpage will tell you if your computer can see 3D videos in HTML5.
      Trying to see i Youtube 3D video without HTML5 and on a normal monitor, with a computer without an NVidia card and with any other browser such as Chrome, there does not seem to be any display problems even if, not having glasses available, I have not had the opportunity to check how they are seen and if they are seen well .
      To start, you have to go to the page Youtube Select 3dMode you can choose which one 3D mode use between: the glasses, the TV screen or 3D monitor or a mode without any 3D device.
      Among these modes there is also that of the HTML5 Stereo View (NVIDIA 3D Vision).
      To find 3D videos on Youtube you can search for the word YT3D from the main page or you can go to the Youtube 3D channel.
      If you have been able to watch HTML3 5D videos or not on YouTube, let me know how they look!

      In another article, how to create 3D videos to watch with glasses from your pc.

      Watch Youtube videos in 3D with goggles, also in HTML5

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