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    What is computer forensic analysis

    What is computer forensic analysis? Here is what the basics of forensic analysis are and what tools are used.

    What is computer forensic analysis

    Computer forensic analysis has had a strong growth in recent years, thanks to the enormous evolution of smartphones and technology in general. L'forensic analysis laid its foundations in the 80s, when the first inspections of electronic devices were carried out by FBI agents.

    Later, specialized analyzes began to be disseminated also on PCs, servers and any electronic component from which to extract data and information. Evidence obtained from forensic analysis can be used in a legal process to prove the innocence or guilt of a suspect.

    Think of how much data can be extracted from a common smartphone, such as SMS conversations, Whatsapp chats, calls, contacts, geographical location through the GPS and the connection to the cells of the mobile network. All valuable information that can be of great help in an investigation.

    It is understood that computer forensic analysis is growing rapidly, because smartphones and technology are constantly evolving. For a test to have value in the legal seat, it is necessary to follow a well-defined procedure and furthermore the analyzes must be repeatable, ie the information that has been discovered can be verified by any person and at any time.

    The person doing the forensic analysis, defined computer forenser, needs to use special hardware tools and sophisticated software for data recovery, in order to be able to retrieve all the information it needs from any technological device.

    What is computer forensic analysis

    Forensics allows you to obtain all the necessary equipment to carry out a professional forensic analysis. They are provided cutting-edge tools in the sector, such as the MRT Express 64 Bit kit with Data Extractor to extract data from numerous types of hard disks, the Rusolut Nand Reader Recovery Flash that allows you to read device memories and chips, and also the professional software Cellebrite UFED Ultimate Edition to extrapolate data from any smartphone model.

    Having the ability to operate with the most sophisticated ed advanced forensic analysis kits, you have valuable opportunities to obtain important and relevant evidence in a legal process. It is also able to extract information from photos taken from the smartphone, thanks to the Exif data and the characteristic metadata of each file.

    It is also possible to calculate the hash of a file, in order to determine if there have been changes during the investigation. Using the right tools and the right software, you can find a lot of important data for a legal process, carrying out a very detailed forensic analysis.

    What is forensic analysis: conclusions

    Thanks to the sophisticated equipment and support of Forensics you can have all the information and the suitable tools for a computer forensic analysis.

    You can find and extract data from any technological device, such as PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet, including hard disk, SSD, pen drive and memory card, and obtain proof for a legal process.

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