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    What is Mobile Forensics

    Mobile forensics allows you to discover a lot of information on mobile devices. Here's what it is and how to investigate.

    What is Mobile Forensics

    Mobile forensics is a branch of the digital forensics, which deals with the recovery of data from any mobile device in order to be used in a legal process.

    Today, smartphones are increasingly used and contain a lot of personal information, such as passwords, SMS, conversations, emails and much more. All these data can play a crucial role in a legal process, because they can turn into certified and overwhelming evidence that could identify the perpetrator of a crime or generate an alibi for a suspect.

    Mobile forensics deals precisely with analyzing the information contained within mobile devices, to identify, preserve, analyze and document adigital information which could play an important role in a process.

    In order to perform thorough investigations, it is necessary to use specific software that can rigorously analyze the smartphone without causing damage. Among the various software available on the market it is possible to use Oxygen Forensics, which is capable of investigating Android, iOS, BalckBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian and other devices. is official distributor of Oxygen Forensics.

    What is Mobile Forensics

    The software allows you to retrieve a lot of information simply by analyzing the data of the installed applications and checking files and documents stored on devices. You can analyze databases, extracting data from numerous apps installed on your smartphone.

    More than 12000 devices and over 1940 applications are supported. Oxygen Forensics allows you to:

    • Extract data from the file system
    • Break down the data on a time basis
    • Establish social relationships across multiple devices
    • Recover SMS, calls, contacts and sensitive data
    • Find password
    • Find out the GPS positions recorded by the terminal

    Thanks to all of these valuable information in-depth forensic analyzes can be carried out, identifying important data for a legal process. Each piece of evidence must be properly certified and validated in order to be valid in the judicial field.

    Mobile forensics is experiencing strong growth precisely because smartphones and tablets are increasingly used and store numerous personal data, which can give the turning point to a process. Have the most advanced technologies present on the market, having advanced and updated software such as Oxygen Forensics and knowing exactly how to use these powerful tools, are essential characteristics to be able to compete in a constantly evolving sector such as mobile forensics.

    What is mobile forensics: conclusions

    allows you to have the best hardware and software technologies to be able to conclude an in-depth mobile forensics. It is possible to have all the information on the Oxygen Forensics software, of which it is the official distributor.

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