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    With iOS 15, Apple can locate your iPhone even when it's turned off

    Thanks to the iOS 15 update, Apple is able to locate an iPhone even when it is turned off. Now, the Find My app, built into the Californian brand's devices by default, can determine the location of a lost or stolen smartphone even if the battery has run out of juice.

    With iOS 15, Apple can locate your iPhone even when it's turned off

    For several years, Apple has allowed its users to locate all their devices through the Locate app. This default app displays the geographic location of all devices connected to a given iCloud account on a map. Recently, the application has also made it possible to locate all AirTags, these bluetooth beacons, attached to objects (keys, bags, wallets, etc.).

    In the event of loss or theft, it is also possible to remotely delete a device's personal data, reset it, ring it loudly or display a warning message. Note that the Find My features work fine even when the device is not connected to the Internet.

    The Find My app will display turned off iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch in real time

    On the other hand, the application will not be able to inform in real time the position of a device if it is turned off. In this case, Apple displays last known position. This is obviously problematic if your iPhone, iPad or MacBook has been stolen. It then becomes impossible to find the current location of your precious.

    With the iOS 15 update, Apple will be a game-changer and make the Find My app work better. As the firm explains in a statement, the Find My app "introduces new features to help locate a device that has been turned off or wiped out." Specifically, devices that have run out of battery or that have been turned off by a thief will still be displayed on the map in real time.

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    iOS 15 boarding a host of features for iPhone users. The brand also announced FaceTime calls with spatial audio, an improved do not disturb mode, a new weather app and a Wallet app capable of recording an ID card. The beta program has just opened up to developers. So that the general public can test the update, it will be necessary to wait until July 2021. Finally, Apple will deploy the final and stable version of iOS 15 next fall.

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