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    YouTube: new logo and new design for Google's video service

    For the first time since its launch, YouTube has just changed its logo. Google's video hosting service is also getting a new design and some additional features.

    YouTube: new logo and new design for Google's video service

    For some time now, YouTube has been trying to provide a more enjoyable experience for its users by improving its platform. In this context, after the integration of messaging into the YouTube application, the service is now being updated with a complete aesthetic overhaul.

    First of all, YouTube now has a new logo and icon. The firm describes this new logo as a clean version, better adapted to different devices and especially to the smallest screens.

    The icon, brighter than before, is an abbreviation of the logo, designed to stand out better in the eyes of the user. The new logo and icon will be rolling out to mobile and PC version of YouTube from now on.

    In addition, the PC version of YouTube has just moved to Google Material Design. This new version, presented for the first time last May, will allow users to enjoy a simpler and more intuitive experience. The content will be more prominent. In addition, a Dark Theme mode now allows you to darken the background to better highlight the videos being viewed.

    YouTube seeks to improve user experience

    Regarding the mobile application, a sleek new design is also deployed. Navigation tabs are now at the bottom of the screen, and new Library and Account tabs have been added.

    Several features have also been added to the mobile app. As on the desktop version, it is now possible to speed up or slow down the playback speed. Similarly, YouTube now offers to change the shape of the player to match the format of the video: vertical, square, or horizontal. Recently, YouTube also allows you to continue interacting after minimizing a video.

    Similarly, the area below the player is also changed to allow users to explore different videos in a new way. In the coming months, a new gesture control will allow you to switch from one video to another by swiping left to see the previous video, and to the right to launch the next video.

    This YouTube update brings many changes, although most of them are rather minor. Despite everything, it is pleasant to see that the service continues to improve over the years. Remember that YouTube now totals 1,5 billion users per month, and therefore must offer an experience commensurate with its success.

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