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    Freebox Delta: big delays in deliveries

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    Statistics make it possible to quantify the delay taken by Free in sending new Freebox Delta, which is reminiscent of the situation known at the time of the release of the Revolution.

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    Just take a look at the statistics of the monitoring tool to realize that Free is having trouble answering orders from customers who have subscribed to the Delta offer. During his announcement conference, Xavier Niel affirmed that the first Delta Freeboxes would be shipped shortly by UPS, but it is clear that a little more than a month later, even among the first customers to have ordered the new Freebox, all have not yet been delivered, far from it. In this context, it is understandable to see more and more subscribers complaining about these extended delays on social networks. Some of these disgruntled customers have even decided to put a petition online, hoping to force Free to be more transparent about the reasons for these delays. 

    A situation that is not unprecedented

    “When the Freebox Revolution came out, I remember waiting for my box for four long months. The Freebox Delta seems to be taking the same path. The first customers, who ordered their box on the first day, so already a month ago, are only starting to be served. Deliveries are made in dribs and drabs and Free's communication on the subject is deplorable. The consideration for customers and the silence in which Free shuts itself up are furiously reminiscent of what happened eight years ago, and is strictly inadmissible (…) A scandal when you consider that during his keynote, Xavier Niel proudly announced that the availability was immediate!”, annoys the author of this petition. 

    It is true that on the site, we note that among the more than 2 orders placed on December 000 and listed, only a little more than half (about 4) were marked as shipped. And the deadlines seem to be getting longer for orders placed the following days, as if Free had already exhausted its stock and was now sending just in time as it receives its Freebox Delta batches. It is easy to imagine that it is more complicated to manufacture a Devialet player integrating an advanced sound system, a box whose finishing and assembly qualities have made enormous progress compared to those of a Revolution player. This also probably explains it a little...

    On the Free site, the Freebox Delta is no longer accompanied by its touchscreen remote control. © Free.

    For those looking for explanations, it may be necessary to look in the direction of the tactile and contextual remote control of the Freebox Delta, which was initially to be delivered with each of these boxes in addition to the classic remote control with buttons, with a soft-touch coating. Indeed, in the presentation visuals of the Freebox Delta, this touchscreen remote control has disappeared. The list of equipment supplied with the box no longer refers to it. In this context, some customers hope that it will be delivered to them, even though it currently suffers from erratic behavior that future updates should correct.

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    Before the announcement of the new box of Free and its player Devialet, the rumor had already evoked this remote control as being potentially at the origin of the delays of the announcement by Free. Today, it would be the source of the difficulties in supplying the box and the impatience of customers who are waiting for their new equipment.

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