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    How to convert JPEG files to PDF

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    JPEGtoPDF (Windows)

    If you're using a Windows PC, try taking a look at JPEGtoPDF. It is a small (but powerful) free utility that allows you to convert JPEG files to PDF in a handful of clicks. It supports all the latest versions of Windows and doesn't need tedious installation procedures to work.

    To download it to your PC, connect to its official website and click on the button Download. When the download is complete, open the zip archive you just downloaded (, extract the contents to a folder of your choice and run the executable JPEGtoPDF.exe.

    At this point, drag the images to be transformed into PDF into the white box present in the main screen of JPEGtoPDF, use the buttons Mov sel up (move up) e Mov sel down (move below) to adjust the order of the JPG files and press the button Save PDF to get the final document.

    To select the folder in which to save the PDF, click on the button [...] placed next to the item Output path. The name to be assigned to the document instead digitizes in the text field below (the one placed next to the wording Single PDF file named).

    Using the fields Margins you can also adjust the thickness of the margins, while using the field Image position you can change the positioning of the images in the PDF. The position of the images can be centered (Centered) or in the upper left corner (Top-Left corner). The thickness of the margins can be specified in cm, mm o inch, depending on the unit of measure selected in the field Unit of measure.

    Don't want to get a single PDF with all the images you have selected? Do you want to create a PDF for each photo imported in JPEGtoPDF? Nothing easier. Put the check mark next to the item Multiple PDF files (instead of on Single PDF file named) And that's it.

    Preview (Mac)

    OS X includes "standard" Preview, a very flexible application capable of viewing photos, documents and exporting everything in PDF format (thanks to the virtual printer present in the system). Why not use it to open a series of images in JPEG format and save them as PDFs? I assure you it's really child's play.

    All you have to do is open the first JPEG file you want to convert to PDF with Preview and activate the display of the Miniature from the menu Vista of the program. Then you have to drag the rest of the images into the pop-up bar on the side, on the left, and arrange them according to the order you want them to be respected in the final PDF.

    When done, select all the photo thumbnails by pressing the key combination cmd + a on your computer keyboard, go to the menu File> Print, select the voice Save as PDF give menu to tendin PDF located at the bottom left and choose where to export the output PDF.

    iLovePDF (Online)

    If you need it, I remind you that it is also possible to convert JPEG to PDF online (directly from the browser). All you have to do is contact the free iLovePDF service which does not require registration and has a very high upload ceiling, set at 200MB.

    To use it, connected to its main page and drag the photos to be transformed into PDF in the browser window. Then choose whether to arrange the pages of the file in vertical or horizontal, whether to include gods margini in the latter and presses the button Convert to PDF to complete the conversion and get your PDF.

    You can freely change the order of the photos in the PDF by moving their thumbnails with the mouse. Furthermore, I would like to underline that iLovePDF protects the privacy of users by deleting, in a completely automatic way, all the files that are uploaded to its servers within a few hours.

    How to convert JPEG files to PDF

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