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How to put WhatsApp on Apple Watch

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Preliminary operation

Prima di enter the live of this tutorial and spiegarti how to put whatsapp on apple watch, it seems only right to invite you to check that the Apple Watch is connected correctly to your iPhone.

If you punctually receive the notifications of the iPhone on the Apple Watch, there should be no need for further actions on your part: the two devices should already be connected and, therefore, by installing WhatsApp on your "iPhone", you should be able to receive the related notifications on your watch.

If not, if you don't get any iPhone notification on your Apple Watch and the two devices don't seem to be communicating with each other, try restarting both devices. Once this is done, if the problem persists, try to reset Apple Watch following the instructions in my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

How to download WhatsApp on Apple Watch

By default, applications downloaded to the iPhone are automatically installed on the Apple Watch as well. However, this function does not matter when using WhatsApp, as the famous instant messaging service does not yet offer a real Apple Watch app.

The only thing that can be done is to activate the duplication of iPhone notifications on Apple Watch: in this way, it is possible to receive all the notifications of the iPhone on the watch, including those of WhatsApp, with the possibility of responding to them via quick reply, dictation, handwriting or emoji keypad.

To proceed, therefore, the first step you need to take is install WhatsApp on your iPhone (if you haven't already): Open theApp Store (the "A" icon on a blue background located on the home screen), select the card Search located at the bottom right and search "whatsapp" in the search field.

At this point, click on the application icon in the search results, then on the button Get and finally authorize the download using the Face ID, touch ID or the Password of your Apple ID. If you are reading this tutorial directly from your iPhone, you can open the App Store page dedicated to WhatsApp by tapping here.

Once installation is complete, create your WhatsApp account by starting the app of the famous messaging service and following the instructions on the screen: it is a question of providing your telephone number and type the code that you will receive via SMS, then allowing the application to access your address book. For more information about it, read my tutorial on how to download WhatsApp on iPhone.

How to see WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Once you have installed the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, you need to make sure that the duplication of notifications on Apple Watch is turned on.

Then start the app Watch on iOS, select the item Notifications, reach the section Duplicate avvisi di iPhone da of the screen that opens and, if necessary, move up ON the levetta relating to WhatsApp.

Well: now you can receive WhatsApp notifications directly on the Apple Watch and respond to them. To do this, when a notification arrives, scroll down the clock screen and press the button Reply.

Then choose whether to reply with one of the predefined answers set on Apple Watch (ex. Hello, How are you? o Arrival!) or whether to create a personalized response using the icons located at the top: the microphone allows you to dictate the text of the answer by voice, the glove to type it by hand (letter by letter) on the Apple Watch screen, while the smiling faccia allows you to access the emoji selection screen.

If you want to change the default responses available on Apple Watch, open the app Watch on iPhone, go to the section Messages> Default replies, tap on the item Modification (top right) and arrange to reorder / rewrite the quick answers present "as standard" on the watch.

To add other personalized answers, instead, scroll the screen to the bottom and tap the button Add reply.

If you have received a notification on WhatsApp but have not been able to view it at the moment, you can retrieve it and respond to it simply by calling the notification menu on Apple Watch (with a swipe from top to bottom) and selecting it. Once selected, it will disappear from the notifications menu and therefore you will no longer be able to respond to it from the watch.

WhatsApp App for Apple Watch

Do you find limiting the fact that there is no official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch and that, therefore, one must necessarily use the notifications menu to interact with the messages received in the famous messaging app? Then I suggest you take a look at WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp, an unofficial application for iPhone that, at a one-off cost of € 3,49, allows you to have a client for WhatsApp Web on Apple Watch.

Its operation is very simple: it is installed on the iPhone, then it is started on the Apple Watch, you perform the classic QR code scan for WhatsApp Web (using the iPhone) and, in no time at all, you have access to a compact version of WhatsApp Web to be consulted directly from the watch.

Through the app, it is therefore possible to see the history of all WhatsApp messages and respond to them using quick replies (to be set directly in WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp), voice dictation, typing of text "by hand" and the emoji menu.

As already pointed out above, this is an unofficial solution: this means that, even if it worked quite well in my tests, it could malfunction or stop working temporarily due to changes implemented by WhatsApp to its web platform.

That said, if you are interested in WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp, download the app on your iPhone (using App Store) and make sure the Apple Watch app is also downloaded. To do this, open the application Watch on your phone, go to Generali and, if necessary, move up ON the function lever Automatic app installation.

If you do not want to activate the automatic installation of all iPhone apps on Apple Watch too, you can "manually" install WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp on the watch by opening the Watch app on the iPhone, scrolling the screen to the bottom, pressing on Watchchat and moving on ON the relative levetta all'opzione Show apps on Apple Watch.

Once installation is complete, all you have to do is access the Application Dock on Apple Watch by pressing the digital Crown side, and start WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp, selecting its icon from the menu that opens. Once this is done, a QR code to scan with your smartphone.

Open therefore WhatsApp on the iPhone, select the tab Settings (bottom right), go up WhatsApp Web / Desktop, then up Scan the QR code And that's it. The WhatsApp chat list should appear on your Apple Watch.

To reply to a message, select it on your watch, press the icon of left arrow and choose whether to use the quick answers set in WatchChat, the voice dictation Handwriting" or whether to send a emoji.

If you want to change the list of predefined responses in WatchChat, open the application on the iPhone, select the tab Fast responses located at the bottom and press on the item Modification (top right), to reorder the answers, or on the entry Add reply (below), to add new ones. Then press on the item Synchronize (top left), to make the changes take effect on Apple Watch.

Finally, I would like to point out that starting WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp on your Apple Watch (at each new start, if closed completely, the app takes a few seconds to reconnect to WhatsApp Web) and performing a deep tap on the screen, you can access the contact list, to create a new chat, update the chat list, to update the conversations, and re-initialize the application, to reset its status.

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