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    How to reinstall WhatsApp

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    From OnlyWhatsApps, we want to give you Information How to reinstall WhatsApp. From iPhone, Android or from the computer. If you do not have this application is that you are new to the world of technology. You are in the best google website .

    How to download the WhatsApp application Free and Fast on your cell phone

    For reasons you can't yet explain, WhatsApp is no longer working properly and you would like to try reinstalling the application? Just formatted your smartphone and do not know how to reinstall WhatsApp without losing your old conversations? Don't panic. WhatsApp includes an automatic backup system that stores all conversations in the cloud (on Google Drive if you are using an Android terminal or on iCloud if you are using an iPhone) and allows you to restore them on any device connected to the same phone number and the same Google / Apple account of the backup source phone. The only exception is represented by Windows Phone, where in any case it is possible to resort to backups of chats saved locally by the application.

    I would say don't waste any more time. Come on, give me five minutes of your time and discover how to restore WhatsApp installation on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone thanks to the instructions I'm about to give you. At the end of the procedure, you should be able to restore (within the limits of what is possible) all the chats that you thought were lost forever, plus their attachments, including videos if you had enabled the appropriate function in the WhatsApp settings.

    The procedure applies to all newer versions of WhatsApp and, as mentioned above, to all software platforms. Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch chats from one operating system to another (e.g. from Android to iPhone), at least not officially, but this does not matter to us at the moment. For now let's focus on reinstalling WhatsApp on terminals of the same type and see how to complete this operation. I wish you a good read and lots of fun!

    How to reinstall normal WhatsApp on Android fast

    Want to reinstall WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and do not want to lose all the messages you had in the previous installation of the application, do it this way.

    • Make sure that the smartphone you are currently using is paired with the same phone number as the one on which you had previously installed WhatsApp.
    • Make sure that the smartphone you are currently using is paired with the same Google account as the one on which you had previously installed WhatsApp. If you do not know how to do this, go to the Android settings (the gear icon) and select the item first Account and then the Google logo from the screen that opens. If your smartphone is associated with another Google account or does not have a Google account, correct it by going to the Settings> Accounts menu and pressing the Add Account button.

    • If you still have your previous phone at hand or if you want to reinstall WhatsApp on the same smartphone and you have not yet uninstalled the application, start WhatsApp, presses the button (...) located at the top right and select the Settings item from the menu that opens. Then go up Chat> Back up chats and verify that the backup function on Google Drive is enabled. If it is not, tap the Backup to Google Drive button, put the check mark on daily and press the Support button to start a backup of all your chats to the cloud. If you want to include videos in the backup, check the Include videos item (but note that doing so will lengthen backup and restore times and take up more space in your Google Drive account).

    After performing all the above checks, you can proceed with the actual reinstallation of wasap. If you intend to reinstall the app on the same smartphone, remove it and download it again from Google Play Store.

    If you do not know how to delete an Android app, open the drawer (ie the screen where the icons of all the apps installed on the device), hold down your finger on the WhatsApp icon and drag it to the basket that appears at the top left. Alternatively, go to the Settings menu> Android Apps and first presses the WhatsApp icon and then on the uninstall button.

    As for reinstalling the app, there is not much to explain. After opening the Play Store (the shopping bag icon with the "play" symbol printed in the center), search for WhatsApp, select the app icon from the list of results and first press Install and then I accept.

    At the end of the download, then start wasap, follow the initial setup procedure of the application and after verifying your phone number accept the restoration of the backup (which the application will automatically find in Google Drive) by pressing the Restore button.

    You already deleted WhatsApp from your smartphone and / or you can not find backups on Google Drive? In this case, you can try to recover one of the backups made automatically by the application in the phone's memory.

    In addition to backing up to the cloud, the Android version of wasap also saves the chats in the smartphone memory and you can restore your conversations from the latter as well. In this regard, I recommend you download ES File Manager from Play Store and use it to access the / Home / WhatsApp folder on your phone or the memory card inserted in it.

    When finished, select the Databases folder and choose one of the available backups (their name corresponds to the date they were created). Finally, press the Rebapture button and rename the backup you want to restore msgstore.db.crypt12 (this is not necessary if you want to restore the most recent backup, which should already be called this way). When you install WhatsApp again, the application will "see" the backup locally and ask you if you want to restore it.

    You can also do the same "game" by taking the database with messages from another smartphone and transferring it to the WhatsApp / Databases folder on your new terminal (provided you have used the same phone number and the same Google account on the other mobile too).

    In case wasap does not "see" the backup made locally, connected to this web page, log in to your Google account, remove WhatsApp from the applications that have access to Google Drive and try again.

    How to reinstall WhatsApp on iPhone

    The procedure to reinstall WhatsApp on iPhone is as simple as the one we just saw on Android. The app, in fact, automatically backs up chats to iCloud and allows you to restore them with each new installation, with just a few taps to complete the operation.

    If you still have your old iPhone at hand or you want to reinstall the app on the same terminal and you have not yet uninstalled the app, you can check the status of the backups on iCloud by going to the WhatsApp settings tab and selecting the items Chat> Back up chats from the menu that opens. If the backup is too old or has never been made, press the Copy now button to create one. If in the backup you want to include also the received videos attached to the messages, move the toggle relative to the option to ON Include videos.

    Subsequently, if you have not already done so, uninstall WhatsApp from your "iPhone" by holding your finger on its icon on the home screen, pressing on x that appears at the top left and confirming the operation with the delete button.

    When the removal is complete, open the App Store, search for WhatsApp Messenger and reinstall the app by pressing the button with the cloud located next to its icon in the search results. Now just start WhatsApp and follow the account reactivation procedure by typing your mobile number. Then press the button Reset chat history and you will find all the conversations where you left them.

    The same operation can also be performed on a different iPhone than the one from which the messages originated, as long as you use the same Apple ID and the same phone number on both devices (but by now this should be clear, right?).

    How to reinstall regular WhatsApp on Windows Phone Fast

    As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone does not have a cloud backup system, it saves conversations only in the phone's memory, but this does not mean that you can't reinstall the app and recover all the old chats.

    To check the status of backups in wasap for Windows Phone, start the application, press the button ( ...), Select settings in the menu that opens and go up Chat and call. If the backup is dated or even absent, press the item backup to create it "manually".

    At this point, go to the screen with the list of all the apps installed on your Windows Phone, hold your finger pressed on the WhatsApp and select the item Delete from the menu that opens to delete the app from your smartphone.

    When the operation is complete, open the Windows Phone Store (the shopping bag icon with the Windows logo printed in the center), search for WhatsApp and reinstall the app by pressing the appropriate button. Now launch the app, follow the initial setup procedure for your account and press the restore button to restore the chat backup.

    If you want to transfer your conversations from one Windows Phone to another, know that it can be done, but only if the two terminals have microSD support and both are associated with the same phone number.

    To take the backup from one Windows Phone to another, you must in fact transfer the microSD from the old terminal to the new one and install wasap as we have just seen together.

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