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How to update WhatsApp contacts

Synchronize contacts on WhatsApp

As anticipated at the beginning of the guide, it may happen that a contact added to the mobile phone book is not displayed in the WhatsApp contact list. Starting from the fundamental assumption that it is necessary to have absolute certainty that the contact object of the problem uses WhatsApp in turn (otherwise, here is the mystery!), In most cases the defect is due to the failure synchronization address book. So let's try to understand how to proceed on Android e iOS to remedy the problem.


You are using a smartphone Android and would like to understand how to go about update contacts on WhatsApp? Then, first of all, take your mobile phone, unlock it, access the screen where there are all the applications and tap on the WhatsApp (Quella with the green speech bubble and the white telephone handset).

On the application screen that is shown to you at this point, select the tab Chat located at the top left, presses the button in the shape of message located at the bottom right, press the button [...] at the top and select, from the menu that opens, the option Update.

Proceeding in this way, the contacts in the WhatsApp list will be updated "manually". At this point, you should, therefore, be able to see also the name that was not in the list before.

If the contact doesn't appear in this way either, go to the card again Chat of WhatsApp, press the button with the message placed at the bottom, then on the button [...] at the top and select the item Contacts from the menu that opens. Verify, therefore, that the option is checked Show all contacts (otherwise you can do it yourself) and repeat the procedure described above from the beginning.


As for the slope instead iPhone, unfortunately a function similar to the one I indicated in the previous step for Android devices is not available. On the iPhone, in fact, to remedy the situation covered by this guide, it is necessary to check that the WhatsApp app has been authorized to access the contacts saved in the phone book.

To do this, the first fundamental step you need to take is to take the device, unlock it, access the home screen and press the Settings (Quella with l 'gear). Scroll down the screen that at this point is shown to you, presses on the item WhatsApp and check that in correspondence with the wording Contacts the relevant switch is set to ON (otherwise you provide).

At this point, go back to the main menu screen Settings, select the voice Privacywhy are you cheating? Contacts that you find on the next screen and make sure that in correspondence with the wording WhatsApp the relevant switch is set to ON (otherwise you do it yourself).

Other solutions

Putting into practice the instructions I indicated in the previous lines, have you not yet managed to view one or more contacts on WhatsApp? I'm very sorry but… don't give up! In fact, you can try to remedy it by adopting the precautions that I have reported to you below. Nothing complex, do not worry.

Manage iOS limitations

If you have set up limitations about the use of WhatsApp on your iPhone, you may not be able to update the contacts of the popular instant messaging app for this very reason.

To solve, press the icon of Settings (Quella with l 'gear) located on the home screen, tap on the item Usage time, presses on the wording App limitations and verify that a category restriction is not enabled Social network (which also includes WhatsApp). If so, click on it and select the button Eliminate limitation twice in a row to remove it.

Next, go back to the main screen of Usage time and presses on the voice Content and privacy. If the relevant switch at the top is set to ON bring it up OFF.

Please note: if the iOS restrictions have not been set by you, they may have been protected with a lock code, so to deactivate you will need to enter the relevant code.

Enter the international prefix

To most it may seem trivial, but many do not think about it: if the contact that is not displayed in WhatsApp has been saved in the phonebook of the mobile phone without first typing the relative country code, the famous messaging application may not be able to "intercept" it correctly. So, if you are unable to view a given contact in the famous messaging app, I recommend that you make sure that you have saved the number in the address book with the relevant international prefix. Let's see, therefore, how we need to proceed both on smartphones Android that of iPhone.

  • If you are using an Android smartphone, you can check this by pressing the app icon Address book (the one with the phone book) which is on the screen where there are all the applications and, subsequently, on the contact name reference in the list that is shown to you. If, in correspondence with the relative telephone number, the international prefix is ​​missing, presses on the voice Modification at the top right, tap on the numbering you find under the heading Telephone and insertion il prefix. Then press on the voice Save located at the top to save and apply changes.
  • Stai using an iPhone, you can carry out the verification in question by pressing the app icon Contacts (the one with the phone book) found on the home screen and selecting the contact reference from the list that is shown to you. At the top of the next screen you will find the telephone number of the chosen contact. If the international prefix is ​​not present, add it by pressing on the voice Modification at the top right, by pressing on the field relating to the telephone number and prefixing the latter with the country code correct. To confirm the changes made, tap on the item end which is at the top of the screen.

Please note: as far as Android is concerned, keep in mind that the indications I have just given you may differ slightly from what you see on the screen. It all depends on the version of the system you are using and the make and model of your smartphone.

Check the name under which the contact is saved

If you have saved the same contact with different names, you may not be able to display it in the WhatsApp contact list correctly, or rather, with the name you expect to see.

To be sure, log in to the app Address book (on Android) or that Contacts (on iOS), type the telephone number reference in Campo di Ricerca and check if more contacts are reported among the results. If so, eliminate those in excess by pressing on them, tapping on the wording Modification and then choosing the option to proceed with the removal.

If you deem it appropriate, proceed to rename the contact you have chosen to keep correctly by tapping on it, pressing on Modification and filling in the field as you see fit Your name which is at the top. Finally, press on the item Save (on Android) and on that end (on iOS) to confirm and apply the changes.

Please note: even in this case, as far as Android is concerned, the indications I have just given you may differ slightly from what you see on the screen. This depends on the version of the system in use and the make and model of the smartphone used.

Update the application

If you still do not see one or more contacts in your address book in the list of people who use WhatsApp, also consider the hypothesis that the version of the application you are using may suffer from some bugs and that it may be necessary update it to a more recent release (if available): here's how to proceed on a smartphone Android and iPhone.

  • If you are using an Android smartphone, pigia sull'icona del Play Store (the one with the colored triangle) located on the screen where there are the icons of all the applications, presses the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top, select the wording Le mie app ei miei giochi from the menu that opens and if in the list of applications to update is also present WhatsApp, click on the relevant button to proceed with theUpdate.
  • Stai using an iPhone, presses the icon of App Store (the one with the blue background and the "A" on it) which is on the home screen, presses on the voice Updates located in the lower right part of the displayed screen and if it is present in the list of applications to be updated WhatsApp, award-winning Update placed in its correspondence and it is done.

If you want to avoid having to manually update WhatsApp (and other applications installed on your device) every time, I recommend that you enable automatic updates. In this way, any available updates will be installed completely automatically, without you having to lift a finger. To learn more about the topic and to find out how to do it, read my tutorial dedicated specifically to how to update applications.

In case of dubbi or problem

Have you followed my instructions on how to update your contacts on WhatsApp in detail but you have not yet succeeded in your intent or some steps are not clear to you? In that case, the best suggestion I can give you is to contact theassistance of the popular messaging app. By doing so, I am sure you will be able to get all the support you need.

To do this, it is enough for you send an e-mail to the dedicated e-mail addresses that you find on the page to contact WhatsApp available on the official website of the service. Select, therefore, the device on which you have installed WhatsApp and for which you need help from the list that is shown to you (eg. Android or iPhone etc.) and take note of theemail address which is indicated to you later.

At this point, log into your email account and start composing a new message to be sent to the previously pinned address. In the body of the message, explain the problem you are experiencing, while as the subject of the email enter a keyword with which to briefly describe the reason that is pushing you to get in touch with WhatsApp assistance.

Finally, send your message. In a short time you should get a response from the WhatsApp team who will try to offer you all the support you need.

For more information about the procedure in question and to find out what other systems you have on your side to contact WhatsApp and to receive support, I suggest you read my guide focused on how to contact WhatsApp.

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