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    3 risks of cloud storage

    Is cloud storage secure? Here are some risks you may have and how to avoid them.

    Il cloud is a web space where you can store your data. In recent years it has had a strong evolution because it turns out to be very practical. In fact, it allows you to have all your data within one click, both from PC and from smartphone or tablet. Through a cloud platform they can be uploaded any type of file and save the documents in a space on the web accessible only by us.

    Some of the main cloud services also allow you to synchronize various information on multiple devices automatically, always having the latest information stored on the network. So the cloud is really a innovative service and complete, but is it also that safe? Here are 3 risks of cloud storage and how to avoid problems.

    1. Be careful not to delete the data

    It is undoubtedly the most obvious advice, but it is important not to underestimate it. When using a cloud service you have to be careful what you delete. When a file is deleted For error and definitively, it is not easily recoverable. Fortunately, many cloud services, even in free versions, allow you to restore deleted files for a short period of time, to avoid permanent data loss. Pay attention to what you delete to avoid trouble.

    2. Data is logged in

    To access the cloud service you need to enter a username, or an email address, and a Password. The choice of the password must be made wisely, so do not use passwords that are too simple because an attacker could try to access the your account and find the data. Always better to use more complex passwords, based on uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers or even special signs. This advice also applies to email accounts.

    3. Server downtime

    Our data in the cloud is stored in one physical place. If you use poor cloud services, you can run into a service outage, perhaps for excessive requests to the server. It is important to choose the cloud plan well and a solid structure to which to entrust your data to be sure that they are always reachable and safe.

    Risks of Cloud Storage: Conclusions

    Archiving on the systems of storage cloud it has now become very used and safe. Despite this, you must always pay attention and choose a reliable and long-lasting service, perhaps avoiding little-known and unreliable clouds. Information and data that may be sensitive will be saved on the online space, so it is of fundamental importance not to underestimate the access data, setting a fairly complex and difficult to decrypt password.

    If you are looking for a valid solution entirely FROM YOUR COUNTRY, you can rely on Babylon Cloud. It is a service cloud of your country which allows you to have advanced storage options even for your company, with a good scalability of the structure and all the security necessary to guarantee the maximum privacy possible. You can find a lot of other detailed information on this page.

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